I’ll expose you if you don’t stop talking “rubbish” about Rawlings – Koku Anyidoho warns Kwesi Pratt


A former Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho has warned the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr to desist from speaking ill about former President Jerry John Rawlings or face his wrath.

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Atta-Mills Institute, he will soon expose the veteran journalist if he continues with his persistent attacks on Mr Rawlings.

Kwesi Pratt in a recent interview disclosed that the people of the Volta Region have been constantly humiliated by those who claim they vote for NDC because Rawlings hails from there.

“This attempt to insult the people of the Volta Region should stop. Do you know how we insult the people of the Volta Region? We insult them by claiming they don’t know their destiny, they don’t know themselves and that they’ve supported the government because of one person. That’s an insult.”

He also added that “The Volta Region has consistently voted for the NDC hence there must be a reason other than the Rawlings factor. So, it’s not true that Volta Region votes for a party because of Rawlings. Rawlings was not part of the CPP, he was not part of the National Alliance of Liberals. So that cannot be true, the people of the Volta Region know themselves, they know their aspirations, they know their needs. Don’t treat them as if they are herds of cattle. If you go and you refer to them as inward-looking people do you expect them to vote for you?”

Commenting on Prof Ahwoi’s book “Working with Rawlings,” Mr Pratt said its release came at the wrong time because of how it has succeeded in diverting attention from John Mahama to Rawlings.

“How will President Mahama feel now? Now he’s on the backstage and all the things he’s talking about Primary Health Care and so on, nobody cares about it anymore. Mr Rawlings who was increasingly becoming irrelevant, his fortunes are now back in the centre stage. Mr Rawlings who declared publicly that he did not vote for the NDC and he’s not sure whether he’s going to vote for the NDC is now playing a central role. What does that do to Mahama’s candidature? This is an exercise in self-sabotage without precedent and somebody like Professor Ahwoi should have known much better,” Mr Pratt revealed.

In a sharp rebuttal, however, Koku Anyidoho in a series of tweets threatened to expose the seasoned journalist if he continues to talk “rubbish” about Mr Rawlings.

“If Kwesi Pratt knows what is good for him, he should stop deriding Jerry John Rawlings; because Pratt does not love the NDC more than Jerry John Rawlings,” he tweeted on Monday, August 10, 2020.

He also recounted how Kwesi Pratt together with some individuals attempted to get the late President John Evans Atta Mills to sack him from office.

“Has Kwesi Pratt so soon forgotten how he tried in vain, with the collaboration of his paymasters, to get President Atta-Mills to sack me from the Presidency, but President Atta-Mills did not budge? If he does not stop talking rubbish about Jerry John Rawlings, I will expose him.”

He also added that “Did Kwesi Pratt not come to the Office of President Atta-Mills, one morning, with one of his paymasters, and one, babies with sharp teeth, to attempt to get President Atta-Mills to sack me? President John Evans Atta Mills sacked them from his office. Shame on Kwesi Pratt.”

Mr Anyidoho also revealed that he will one day highlight the treachery President Atta Mills suffered.


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