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IGP, NPP and Mfantseman MP’s widow defying Police Service Regulation

The police administration, widow of late Ekow Quansah Hayford, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Ophelia Hayford and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will be defiling the Police Service Regulation to have her become the Parliamentary Candidate for the 2020 elections in the Mfantseman constituency of the Central Region.

The Herald, has found out that ASP Ophelia Hayford, cannot be on the ticket of NPP, because it will take some 30 days for the police administration to accept her resignation from the law enforcement agency.

But the widow, who is said to have a First Degree in law, has since written to the police announcing her resignation.

Section 4 of the Public Elections Regulations 2020, C.I. 127, states that: “Where at the close of nominations, but before the election, one of the candidates dies, a further period of 10 days shall be allowed for nominations.”

Under the heading “Modes of leaving the Service” with a subheading “resignation”, Section 113 (1) of the Police Service Regulation CI 76, insists that ” an officer who wishes to resign from the Service shall give thirty days notice in writing to the Inspector-General of the intention to resign”.

Section 2 of the 113 the Police Service Regulation, stated further that “the notice shall be submitted through the officer’s immediate senior officer and the date on which it is received by the senior officer shall be taken as the date on which it was submitted to the Inspector-General”.

Section 3 of Section 113 of Police Service Regulation, concludes that “A Regional or Unit Commander responsible for an officer who wishes to resign shall advise the Inspector-General whether the officer I indebted financially to the Service or faces any disciplinary action”.

Meanwhile, a Policy analyst and development expert, Michael Ebo Amoah, has waded into the subject and challenged the IGP, James Oppong-Boanuh to refuse the request by the widow of late Ekow Hayford, ASP Ophelia Hayford.

This, Mr Amoah argues is in line with Section 4 of the Public Elections Regulations 2020, C.I. 127, which states that: “Where at the close of nominations, but before the election, one of the candidates dies, a further period of 10 days shall be allowed for nominations.”

The Policy analyst and development expert, added that C.I. 76, Regulation 113, and insisted that before an officer resigns from the Police Service, one must give 30 days’ notice.

Her late husband had filed his nomination on Thursday, October 8 before his unfortunate murder Friday dawn on the Abeadze-Dominase-Mankessim road.

Following his death, supporters of the NPP, have called on the party’s leadership to choose his widow as his replacement.

This, the analysts noted, has not been done hence, the IGP should use this as a test case to reject the application. He opined that the IGP would not be able to do this because the ruling party, will circumvent the law and have the police officer’s application approved.

He said this would be an interesting spectacle, because the IGP will not have the legal and moral courage to deny the government this application.

“From where I sit and from precedence, and for what we know in this country, I don’t think the IGP can stand on his feet and deny this woman the request to resign.”

Meanwhile, he has opined that COP Kofi Boakye, who is in charge of Legal Affairs at the Police Service, could be bold enough to advise the IGP to turn down this application from the widow.

“You and I would have preferred that this decision would be turned down. But in this situation, the IGP cannot do that. Everybody is looking for favour from the political hierarchy. This is a clear cut opportunity, but it will not happen,” he added.

He said President Akufo-Addo, had already cautioned the IGP to deal with the murder case or, he [President] would take action against him.

President Akufo-Addo has directed the IGP to ensure that the killers of late Mfantseman MP are apprehended.

He said the murder of Ekow Quansah Hayford, “is a big blow to me and this is why I have made it known to the IGP that if nothing is done about this particular matter, what will happen will happen.”

The President said this during his visit to the bereaved family, where he noted that the unfortunate occurrence is a test case for IGP, James Oppong-Boanuh.

Ekow Quansah Hayford, was gunned down by armed men on the Mankessim – Abeadze road in the Central Region, while returning home from a community engagement in the constituency last Thursday.

Following news of his killing, the police hierarchy has dispatched a specialized team of investigators to the region to help resolve the crime and arrest the culprits.

President Akufo-Addo, has also assured the family of his support to ensure that the perpetrators of the crime are brought to book, while the deceased MP is given a befitting burial.

Meanwhile, security for MPs, has received a boost in the wake of the legislator’s killing.

The Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, said 200 police officers will be added to the parliamentary security team to protect parliamentarians until the December 2020 elections.


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