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‘If You Are A Lady & You Text A Guy Only When You Need Something From Him, You Are A Thief’ – Ghanaian Woman

A Ghanaian lady who introduced herself as Auntie Kiki in a video attached to this story has sparked a wild debate online after she dropped a controversial statement which has since not gone done well with the slay queens and the lazy ass girls.

Auntie Kiki argued that girls should be responsible and work hard rather than depending solely on men, especially only texting them only when they are in need.

She said: “Auntie Kiki wants to clear a couple of things for you guys okay? I’m not going to be harsh on anybody. I’m just expressing a couple of truths.  Young ladies, if you only text a certain guy because you want something from him, look at me I want you to know, you are a thief, big thief.”

Watch the video for the rest of the things she said:


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