If We Need To Hire A Foreign Coach, Hervé Renard Must Be Our Man


If We Need To Hire A Foreign Coach, Hervé Renard Must Be Our Man

Chances are, Serbian coach Milovan Rajevac would pick up the mantle of managing Ghana’s senior national team, the Black Stars, once again.

Hervé Renard, the French and the current coach of oil rich Saudi Arabia happens to be the favorite of the GFA but for the huge paycheque that his services will hang around our necks, he may not be the next coach for the team.

Milo, it must be reiterated, achieved a bit of success with the Black Stars. When compared with others after him, he stands tall in terms of success.

His success yesterday may have influenced the decision to engage his services by the GFA. What they have failed to take into account is the fact that the crop of players we had at the time were far far better ones than the ones we see now.

One critical point that must inform the GFA in its decision to hire the services of Milo is his exploits after leaving Ghana. He has handled five teams and countries but he was abysmal at his job.

If we are indeed looking beyond the shores of the land, Hervé Renard should be our focus. We must be prepared to pay the $100,000 monthly salary of Renard if we need him.

I am still sceptical about our chances of qualifying for the next FIFA World Cup even with Milo or Renard. The kind of materials at our disposal do not look like the team to qualify for the World Cup let alone win us a trophy.

Probably, Game Changer Kurt Okraku and his team have the magical wand to change our fortunes which look very bleak.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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