I can feel there’s a new wind of hope, blowing through the horn of Afigya Kwabre North constituency, even as we inch gradually into the NPP primaries, waiting for our honourable delegates to decides on who is to take our constituency to the next level of opportunities and development.

I have no doubt that this new wind of hope blowing, is inspiring confidence not only in the youth but amongst the majority of the old as well.

In fact, the sense I get from talking to some natives of this constituency who have called me on phone and spoken at length with me, discussing various ideas and sharing some views is that, we can collectively work together to uplift the image of our dear constituency and restore any lost hopes for the future.

This is really giving me a great sense of belief and confidence that we can make it with a little bit of collective push.

This powerful wind of hope blowing across the constituency, am sure would soon position our district in the light of “exclusiveness” that would interest many well-meaning Ghanaians to associate themselves with our District which will intend translate into open doors for faster growth of businesses and jobs in our area, especially at the hospitality sector.

This also gives me a strong feeling that, the mission in my vision appears convincingly believable and can prop-up our constituency to a new level of emulative for others too.

I think, this is a vision that would thrive through the tapping into the natives of A.K.N who live and work in the diaspora, with the aim of getting them to bring their wealth of knowledge, expertise and cash acquired, to invest at our District.

This notwithstanding, would require some sense of creativity for enabling environment in order to attract these natives in the diaspora and possibly attract the nonnatives as well to come and invest in our constituency.

How can we do this? To me, it is all about creativity and having the attitude of I can do spirit!!

By God’s grace, if I am elected as the next MP for our constituency, I will lead to take steps that, we the natives of Afigya Kwabre North District calves one social attractive event to be celebrated annually in a form of a durbar uniquely celebrated in our District alone, so as to attract investors and natives of the District living abroad, as well as people from all walks of life, to join us in our annual celebration, just like the popular Easter Celebration at Kwahu, which has become an annual Easter celebration in the District of Kwahu South in the Eastern Region, for all interested persons to attend.

Am sure we can all attest to the fact that, people from all walks of life and all nationalities throng to the Kwahu Hills at every Easter to celebrate the three-day-long holiday. As a family man, I think this idea gives good break-away-time for families and friends to spend celebrative time together.

Considering its economic benefits for the East Kwahu District and its environs, are unimaginable. We,  as natives of A.K.N district can also calve a similar event in our District as well, which would also be celebrated annually, say in the Valentine weekends, or any other season of our choice.

Meaning “Valentine’s Day in Ghana is and must be celebrated at Afigya Kwabre North District”. Lol.

With this in mind, I would suggest that the A.K.N also comes up with its own style of annual social celebration to attract people similarly. Yes, it is possible and we can do it!!

We as a people in A.K.N can make it a point that, every year, we set a two-day or three aside and call it “Celebrities Kente Festival/Durbar” with everyone attending to wear pure Ashanti Bonwere Kente clothe, in very stylish form.

We can plan this event with great publicity and attractive side programmes for kids and families/friends/students, to take place annually in our District, for all to attend. Yes, we can do it!!

I suggested the name annual “Celebrities Kente Durbar/festival” because we already have one very popular musician, actor and comedian, professionally known as Lil Win, who hails from our District, precisely the Kwamang town.

We can seek his indulgence and ask for his advocacy and support to bring all his colleague artists in Ghana to grace the occasion annually, possibly for his recognition as well. That, whoever is attending the event should put on the Ghana’s Kente cloth sewed in style, for that celebration.

Am sure we can even use an event like this to attract some African celebrities in the US, UK and Jamaica, etc, who trace their roots to Ghana, just like we had them throng in to Ghana during the year of return celebration. Yes, we can make this happen!!

Again, we already know that, Afigya Kwabre North District is one of the districts in Ashanti region which has some renowned and celebrious traditional chiefs, whom I believe would love to throw their support for a beautiful annual event like I am proposing, as happening within their enclaves. I am sure also that we can even secure the support of our King, Otumfuor Osei Tutu, if we could plan this very well and draw a good program for it.

The traditional Chiefs in our district and invited Chiefs to grace the occasion, in their powerful Kente clothes, demonstrating their rich traditional stuff…. would be fantastic. Yes, we can do it!

The Food vendors can get their profits, the hotel services would be patronised, the youth can get get short term and medium term work to do, and the name Afigya Kwabre North District would be all over the map. Am sure we can do things like this together.

Please, just take sometime, think about this and let’s all dream bigger about!! What is your view on this?

Thank you.

Peter Antwi Boasiako
Aspiring MP, Afigya Kwabre North constituency.


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