Dear Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee,

Through the same medium you have been receiving my opinions on your viewpoints posted on your Facebook timeline, I have been served with your response to me.

Let me first of all disabuse your mind of this notion that your safety is somehow compromised by your rather ‘erudite’ opinionated views and that I may play a part in it. I have no ill-will towards you and would not condone something as dastardly as that. I am no danger to your life, Aunt Clara.

However, what seems to be my worry is your constantly written jaundiced and instigative opinions against this administration. You seem to believe you are a god whose opinions cannot be controverted by others who have other views.

As a lawyer, it is my thinking that you know for a fact that strengthening our democracy is by embracing divergent views.

You seem to have opinions on matters of national importance but when other people draw your attention to the fact that you cannot be the repository of knowledge on every single thing, you get enraged and go on a blocking spree.

You cannot cite a single instance where I have insulted you in my posts about you. I have always tackled issues you raise in your pieces.

Madam, your posts are for public consumption since you display them publicly. People, and for that matter, I, also can express my views on same.

Honing in on some substantial items you raised in your response to me, it is important for me to let you know that you cannot make attacking this administration a hobby and expect not to have your views dwarfed with incontrovertible facts. You cannot put out a shallow opinion and expect some of us to sit on the fence while you misinform the general public.

You carry yourself as neutral. Stop deluding yourself. We know you to be a dyed in the wool member of the opposition NDC. Your claim of taking Mahama on when the NDC was in power could be told to the marines. It is not as though we didn’t watch you on Newsfile. Anything that concerned Mahama, you would go to ridiculous limits to generalize it so that you would not be seen attacking that administration.

Stop hiding behind that cloak of being a neutral to write your skewed feelings and opinions against this administration. You don’t act like a neutral. Admit that you love the NDC more than even John Mahama himself.

Not that I have a problem with your love affair with the opposition party, I am saying that you cannot criticize the administration and expect not to have your criticisms critiqued.

It is part of our democratic culture for opinions to be expressed however dissenting they may be, so allow some of us to subject your opinions to surgical scrutiny. If you don’t want us to criticize your views, don’t publicize same.

Let me reiterate this point that if anyone is bent on causing you mayhem, not any member of this administration and definitely not me. Government is not after your life, lawyer. Even those who arduously criticize and insult the Akufo-Addo administration are roaming the streets with no threats to their lives.

Aunt Clara, drown your fears. Just allow me to also state my opinions about what you sometimes write. Unblock me so that we can have healthy debates on matters you pen for us.

You are a lawyer, stop acting like some ignorant soul roaming our streets. Your piece to me is not only empty in terms of substance but shameful coming from a lawyer. If you believe I have faulted in anyway or pose a danger to your life, why don’t you report me to those who matter in such matters? You are being populist, and that is not synonymous with people with legal backgrounds.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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