I am Celebrating my 63rd Birthday in Tears, says Mother Ghana


I was given birth to by my mother the World,

Exactly 63 years ago,

Today, Friday the 6th March 1957.

However, my mother gave birth to my other siblings,

Probably around the same year,

Nevertheless, I am the older child among them.

They have all prospered but me,

Look at my younger siblings, Singapore and Malaysia,

They look as though they were born before me but not.

They look older and more intelligent than me,

All because of you, my sons and daughters,

Your characters are heinous and damaging.

You are selfish, short-sighted and insatiably greedy,

You think only about yourselves,

You pursue your individualist but not collective interests,

All you know is the want of more wealth but not intelligence,

You aid foreigners to come over to rape me naked in the open,

While you clap your hands for their feat, edging them on

They spoil my water bodies,

The milk I feed you, they destroy

They spoil my fertile and virgin forests,

The means by which I yield more food and income to feed you,

But as senseless and myopic as you are,

You cannot see the harm they are doing to you and me, oh my children

How can I then prosper?

With such abysmal characters by my children,

Why will my other sisters not overtake me, and mock me?

Their children are wiser,

They think about their mum and their collective interests,

Unlike you my unintelligent, and disgusting children

Today, you have come out in your colourful dresses,

To celebrate my birthday for me,

What are you celebrating?

My nakedness,

My age with all its miseries and tears

Or to celebrate your own ignorance and stupidity?

I have to crawl on my knees

To go and consult with my younger siblings,

To learn from them how they have succeeded.

This is what l want to do,

Will you join me to do that?

Rather than teasing yourselves with meaningless birthday celebrations?

I call for a worthy cause,

A justified birthday celebration,

But not a bogus one with blockheaded children

Who resist my development that will bring me to the same level,

With my other now highly respected siblings, Singapore and Malaysia,

Whose backyard you happily go to scramble to eat their cast away crumbs.

Help my now God-send son Akufo-Addo,

Who is far-sighted and desirous of helping me develop,

He is saving your lives and those of your offspring

By stopping galamsey, corruption and political bigotry

Help him to achieve his objectives to make me prosperous

Then you can meaningfully help to celebrate my birthday.

Rockson Adofo

Friday, 6 March 2020


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