How Selfishly John Dramani Mahama is Deliberately Playing Ghana into the Exploitation Agenda by the Western World


I am afraid for the economic emancipation of Ghana and the overall economic emergence of continental Africa. Africa by intention and the wish of some powerful and more civilized Western countries, should forever remain poor in every sense of the word. By this, we should stay subservient, thus, “willing to do what other people want, or considering your wishes as less important than those of other people”. We must always remain their lapdog (someone who is willing to do anything that a more important person tells them to do), kowtowing to them and doing their bidding at the crack of their fingers. They want us to permanently stay subhuman, which of course, we currently are.

However, as more intelligent as they are, they don’t do it directly through force as prevailed during the era of the slave trade, or the European, thus, the British, French, German and Portuguese, colonization of Africa, however, indirectly through our own less intelligent but overwhelmingly corrupt, myopic, idiotic and incompetent African brothers and sisters. They manipulate some of these African fellows who happen to be leaders or aspiring leaders, to consciously or unconsciously execute their diabolic agenda for them and on their behalf.

There are many credible revelations attesting to the veracity of the assertion I have just made. My eyes always well up with tears when I see Africans knowingly, or unknowingly, allowing themselves to be used against their own collective interests and prosperity.

Have a watch at the video below, one among many others that testify to the agenda by our contemporary whites to suppress the prosperity of continental Africa.

There are factual historic instances establishing, or purported rumours alleging that many an African leader that emerged with intent to develop their African country was removed from power or killed by their own African brothers, countrymen of course, at the secret instigations by the superior Whites. Was the late ex-President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, not allegedly removed from power by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) through Ghanaian Army Officers in what was the February 24, 1966, coup d’état by the National Liberation Council (NLC) military junta headed by Colonel E. K. Kotoka, Major A. A. Afrifa, Lieutenant General (retired) J.A. Ankrah, and Police Inspector General J. W. K. Harley? Among other allegations preferred against him which were verifiably true, were his dictatorial inclinations, suppression of opposition to him and his CPP government, imprisoning his political opponents without recourse to the courts and his ambition to unite Africa. However, it was his ambition to develop Ghana and his practically-manifesting vision to extricate Africa from the economic dominion of the Whites that cost him his leadership, but through the direct intervention by fellow Ghanaian citizens.

The case of Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of now Democratic Republic of Congo, as happened in mid 1960 until the official announcement of his death on 13 February,1961, but without ever finding his body, is not any different from how some people never want Africa to develop. He was removed from power, barely three months into becoming the Prime Minister, by Colonel Joseph Mobutu, later to change his name to Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Congo. He just disappeared from the land of the living in a mysterious way, without any trace of his dead body until today as I write. Very sorrowful.

Therefore, the deplorable behaviour by John Dramani Mahama as is unfolding now in Ghana, following the declaration of the 7 December 2020 general elections, has the potential to be supported by some western powers, if not instigated by them, to truncate the path of development being chartered by President Nana Akufo-Addo. The more we allow his disgusting attitudes to fester, the more dangerous the situation becomes for Ghana.

It is very obvious that the farsighted leader of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, wants Ghana to be self-sufficient in most of her basic needs without always looking up to the Western world for financial assistance and other basic requirements that make us human beings. We have to be able to produce some of the basic essential commodities and services that we require as a nation and human beings hence his dreamed policy of “Ghana Beyond Aid”. He is honestly pursuing policies and programmes geared toward realising his big dream for Ghana which will surely be replicated in other parts of Africa if Ghana succeeds. This is because Ghana is the Black Star of Africa. Therefore, other African countries look up to us for emulation.

Why should we sit down for the dreamless but avariciously corrupt, incompetent and wicked John Dramani Mahama, to be eventually used by some intelligent and superior people elsewhere, to derail the begun development of Ghana that is able to rid us of the stigma of “Africans are lazy, Africans are stupid, Africans live in shithole countries and Africans are corrupt to the point of selling their own brothers and sisters for money”

We, as Ghanaians and people, will be very stupid, reckless and short-sighted, to follow the idiotic antics by John Dramani Mahama and his bunch of uncivilized typically-minded Africans, to throw into the drain/gutters the good economic initiatives taken by His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, to liberate Ghana from the excruciating economic slavery being exerted on us by others all because of our lack of farsightedness.

I have always disputed any Ghanaian or black African who says to me that the white people don’t want black people or Africans to develop that is why we are so poor. I always ask them, if someone doesn’t want you to develop, do you also not want to, or accept not to, develop? If we really want to develop as a nation and a people, why should we fall for the machinations by an outsider to scupper all our initiated policies and programmes to develop? Shall we not be fools to do that?

John Mahama had better stop his nonsense, as idiot as he is, as defined by the ancient Greeks. I weep for my country Ghana? When shall we learn to be wise, oh poor Africans? When shall we learn to understand that it is not good to allow ourselves to be unduly manipulated by crafty politicians seeking their selfish interests?

Listen to how idiots are defined by the ancient Greeks in the underlying video. Which one of the three distinctive characters will you go for, being a sensible citizen of Ghana?

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