Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the Press, Patriots and concerned members of the general public present. We are most grateful to you all for honouring our invitation to this press conference without hesitation.

Bia East Constituency, as we are all aware, is one of the most deprived areas in the Western North Region if not the entire country. The Constituency currently has no senior high school and struggling to improve its poor road infrastructure, low telephone connectivity and high level of youth employment. A walk through the Constituency capital Adabokrom shows constituents who have lost confidence in their current member of parliament and are looking for an alternative.
Therefore, the promotion of electoral violence and the formation of Vigilante groups is something that has never been a priority of the good people of Bia East.

The New Patriotic Party in the Western North Region has become aware of serious operations of a criminal organisation in the Bia East Constituency. Our checks have revealed that, Hon.Member of parliament for Bia East is actually behind the activities of “DE EYE” group.
Hon.Richard Acheampong according to unimpeachable sources is the sole founder and financier of their criminal activities.

It is interesting to note however that, Hon.Richard Acheampong, MP for Bia East who is sponsoring DE EYE group was in parliament when the Vigilantism and Related offences Bill was laid for the first time. His engagement in this act which has been criminalized by the house he doubles as a member makes him unfit to be accorded with the title “Honorable.”

Hon.Richard Acheampong is on record to have skipped more parliamentary activities than any member in the house. What we also do know is that, the few ones he has attended, he goes with ear pins just to listen to Music on his phone.

He doesn’t pay attention and also has never contributed in any parliamentary debate. These and others are the reasons why, his name has never reflected in any of the parliamentary hansard. No wonder he is currently the worst performing MP since the fourth Republic.

The recent callous attacks on one Mr Kwabena Nyarko, an active communication member of the New Patriotic Party in the Bia East Constituency is indeed an evidence that, the group has been given specific task to perform and that is to maim innocent civilians who see Hon.Richard Acheampong as a non performer.

We also contend that, his sub-standard performance as a member of parliament for Bia East Constituency is the reason why, his constituency is the only constituency in Ghana that has no senior high school as well as hospital. In the entire eight years of the NDC, the teeming youth in Bia East were completely left out in terms of job opportunities.

If indeed he provided the youth job opportunities, he wouldn’t have engaged them in such a criminal enterprise ostensibly to perpetuate evil against innocent Ghanaians who see him a SUB-STANDARD MP not worthy to lead the good people of Bia East.

It is instructive to note further that, these same youth he denied them job opportunities are the very group of individuals he is using them to forment trouble in the constituency.

He has never been helpful in his constituency and that is the more reason why the good people of Bia East should reject his candidature in the upcoming elections.

We in the New Patriotic Party believe that, this singular act of Hon.Richard Acheampong constitutes a clear breach of sections 3(1)( a)(b) as well as 3(2) of the Vigilantism And Related Offences Act,2019(Act 999) which inter alia prohibit the creation of such groups.

We are also by this piece calling on the regional police service in the Western North Region to as a matter of urgency arrest and prosecute Hon.Richard Acheampong for being the founder and financier of their unlawful activities.

Attached to this are pictures of the Eye Group and himself with ear pins whilst in parliament.

Thank You
Communication Directorate
New Patriotic Party, WNR

Cc: All media house(s)


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