With their ill-fated foray into demonstrating against the Electoral Commission not yielding the much anticipated results, the beleaguered flagbearer of the opposition NDC has barged into the issues with a submission that fails to sync with the past.

Mr Mahama, otherwise known as Government Official 1, has waded into the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new register with a stance that history flatly denounces.

Government Official 1 is questioning the rationale behind the decision of the EC when the same register was used to elect President Akufo-Addo and the NPP in 2016.

He asks President Akufo-Addo why he would supervise the compilation of a new register when the existing one brought him to office.

First of all, Mahama is creating the impression that the Electoral Commission is being remote-controlled by President Akufo-Addo.

The question that pops up is, was Mahama manipulating the Charlotte Osei-led EC in the same fashion? If that was the case, where from these crocodile tears if his successor is employing the same tactics?

Has he forgotten that he dismissed claims that the EC was working assiduously to ensure that he and the NDC were retained in the 2016 elections? Did he not sing the praises of the then EC as being an independent outfit and ought to be left alone to perform its duties? So what happened now for Individual 1 to believe otherwise?

It is also important to pour cold water on this mantra of the existing register having brought Akufo-Addo into office and, therefore, ought not to be touched.

Wasn’t the register that brought Kufour to power changed for the 2004 elections? The 2004 register brought Mills/Mahama to office, yet in 2012 a new register was compiled for Mahama to use to come to power. Why didn’t he use the old register?

There is very little meaning to make out of John Mahama’s argument when he didn’t question himself about the use of a new register for his 2012 elections when a 2004 register powered them to power in December 2008.

Ghanaians are not forgetful. It is rather Mahama who is diseased by the insect that breeds forgetfulness.

His role in the Airbus saga haunts him, compelling him to throw in jabs hoping that they would catch wildfire.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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