Has your beef been vetted and approved by the FDA? – Christiana Awuni to Lilwin, Funny Face


Actress Christiana Awuni is urging Funny Face and Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin to reconcile but did so in a more hilarious manner as she ended her submission with a sarcastic question.

“Has the FDA vetted and approved your scuffle?” she said and giggled.

The phrase “this advertisement has been vetted and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority” is used at the end of most commercials on both radio and TV to tell the public that the product has been passed by the FDA as safe.

Christiana Awuni’s sarcasm is detected following the re-ignition of calls on the regulatory body to lift the ban on celebrity alcohol adverts.

The FDA has made it known that celebrities cannot advertise alcoholic products. It explained that the ban is an adherence to a World Health Organization (WHO) policy and efforts to ensure that minors are protected from being lured into alcoholism.

The ban which has been effective since 2015 somewhat compelled producers of Adonko Bitters to sign some Nigerian celebrities as ambassadors on Thursday February 13, 2020.

“Nothing is working in the entertainment field and the main problem is because the government has banned alcoholic beverage producers from sponsoring events and also stopped celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages which is so wrong,” argued rapper Edem.

Despite the incessant calls, FDA is unbowed.

The Funny Face, Lilwin feud

Last week, comedian Funny Face was furious and slammed Lilwin after the latter vehemently expressed discontent with organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards for adjudging the former Favorite Actor in the 2019 edition of the scheme.

“Does Funny Face deserve a favourite actor? Do you know why his career has gone down the drain?” he asked while stressing is it unfathomable for Funny Face to have won instead of him (Lilwin) or Akrobeto.

Taking to his Instagram page to respond to the remarks, Funny Face hurled insults at Lilwin. He suggested that Lilwin’s constant criticism of his victory is an indication the Kumasi-based actor hates him to the core.

“You’re so envious of everybody, you wish everything in this world is yours. People like you end up miserable in life. You’re in so much pain,” Funny Face jabbed.

“You have fought everyone around you. Now you wanna bring it on Funny Face. Don’t bring your evil eyes and deed on me. How long have you been in this industry? Fool! Your own evil plans will kill you,” he slammed further.

The two actors subsequently insulted one another – a development which triggered wide condemnation from the public.


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