Happy birthday to you, my hardworking, handsome boss and my adviser who is more than a brother to me .

I wish you all the very best of luck in life, may all your heart desires and all what you want in life come to pass.

I love you and always wish you well in life.

I see you as good counselor who always want to see the best in people , people like your caliber never fails in life, we fall but we always rise up and impact positively.

You are one of the kind who always call a spade a spade, a real person who always wants to go by the truth.

I will never be ungrateful to you because you are among the few people who really assisted me during my campaign, after my campaign and even in my administration as the National Wocom for NUGS..

Senior Bro, skills mama do appreciates all the good advise you’ve been giving freely.

I use this special occasion, to say, I’m really grateful for such a selfless attitude you always gives me.

All what I can say on this day, is that, may God bless and makes you a great leader.
Happy birthday, Harry Ab oagye may you be great always 👌❤️👆


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