It is copiously conspicuous that our one time “Darling Boy”, H.E John Dramani Mahama is now filled with the spirit of a soccer player who just scored an own goal against his team. Very difficult to explain how and why it happened, sometimes dejected and difficult to continue in the field of play. What do experienced coaches do to such players?

Any opportunity the former president gets to talk, he proves to his listeners and viewers that he is now fed up with politics but….. His statesmanship is uncontested but his indiscriminate desire for political power is making him dilute his statesmanship by his speeches. In his recent outbursts, one is at a loss as to whether he was confessing the very mistakes he said he made when he was president or he is criticizing the ruling party.

As a former president and a flagbearer, he seems to have difficulties holding diametrical views to the decisions and actions of the government because those decisions and actions seem to be the better and improved ones over the poor ones he took when he was in power. Others are completely new initiatives he never dreamt of as a president. Upon all these difficulties, he is still expected to attack the policies and programs of the government. To meet the expectations of his supporters and sympathizers, he goes raw and falls flat on every verbal attack he raises. The sad news is that any attempt to criticise any policy and program, evidence of his own poor decisions and actions on such policies are pulled out to hit him hard on his face. Every critique he attempted to launch rather exposed him as the worse alternative. His speeches sound and appear as if he is making mockery of Ghanaians especially anytime he says if he wins, he will make anything better. The kindergarten question people pose is “How did you do it, or why didn’t you do it when you had the 8 years opportunity to rule this country?” In trying to answer or analyse such rhetoric questions, the obvious conclusion one gets is that, the man simply just wants power to rule AGAIN and nothing else. There you see that his silence may have earned him some votes rather than his speeches.
“No ababasɛ”, ɛyɛ adwen kyerɛ kɛkɛ.

In any case, the mantra everywhere in Ghana is “Four more for Nana to do more” and who am i to end this piece without it?


Published by Mr Kelly Brown

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