GTDMA-Kwadaso Astonished by Dr. Kingsley Nyarko’s Visit


GTDMA-Kwadaso Astonished by Dr. Kingsley Nyarko’s Visit

“Our association has been in existence for thirty-two (32) years and this is the first time a Parliamentary Candidate has found it needful to honour an invitation to our meeting, and as result of the respect you have accorded us, we shall surely honour you by working hard to give you and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo a very resounding victory in the upcoming December 2020 general elections”, Mr. Yaw Owusu Banahene, chairman of the Association said.

Dr. Kingsley Nyarko, Parliamentary Candidate for Kwadaso Constituency made an appearance at a well-attended Executive meeting of the Kwadaso Branch of Ghana Tailors and Dressmakers Association (GTDMA) on Monday 21st September, 2020 at Kwadaso.

Dr. Kingsley Nyarko postulated that a major engine of growth of any economy is the private sector, and so, a spur of the sector through an energization of the environment has the tendency to boost the Nation’s economy. “A well functioning and strong private sector takes a huge burden from the government’s purse through the reduction of prices and unemployment, and also a promotion of innovation and ingenuity”, he added. He continued that, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a Center Right party believes in the equipping of the private sector, a reason why whenever the party is in government they introduce many policies which helps the sector to thrive. The government under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has introduced and strengthened pro-private sector policies such as mobile money interoperability, reduction of water and electricity tariffs, MASLOC, NEIP, PFJ, 1V1D, COVID-19 Alleviation Fund, 1D1F, NIA Cards, stable electricity supply, Digital Address System, among others. He, in furtherance, noted that, after his election in the December 2020 polls, he intends to put in place an Education, Skills and Personal Development Initiative, a Local Content Development initiative, Provision of Seed Fund, and others to help with the growth of the private sector in the constituency of which the GTDMA would fall under.

To help with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kingsley Nyarko admonished the attendees to strictly adhere to directives and protocols in place. He further donated Hand Sanitizers and Nose masks to the Association.

The Chairman of the Association thanked the Parliamentary Candidate and his entourage for the visit and also for their good intentions for the Association. He, more over, counseled the entire Executives of the Association to give Dr. Kingsley Nyarko and President Nana Addo their unflinching support so that the constituency’s target of 95% can easily be realized.



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