Group petitions IAA Ghana over “sale” of government documents by internal auditor Abdul Razak Usuman


Group petitions IAA Ghana over “sale” of government documents by internal auditor Abdul Razak Usuman

A group identified as Alliance for Zongo Progress(AZOP), in a letter signed by their Chairman, Alhaji Dr Misbau A Yusuf, is urging the Internal Audit Agency of Ghana to investigate the allegations of corruption and sale of official government documents and two (2) laptops by Abdul Razak Usuman, a former internal Auditor of Zongo Development Fund and an employee at the Internal Audit Agency. Find below the full letter.

Alliance for Zongo Progress

Internal Audit Agency

14th August 2020

Dear Sir,

Re- Alliance for Zongo Progress (AZOP) request investigation into sale of official government documents by Abdul Razak Usuman.

Alliance for Zongo Progress, a group, minded about meaningful development of Zongo communities in Ghana, has learnt with dismay the news on the questionable motives, destructive force, and what seems as malicious intents of Abdul Razak Usuman, a so called internal auditor formerly of the Zongo Development Fund to distract and sabotage what has become a great inspiration to Zongo communities, created by HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in demonstration of his undying love to make Zongo communities progressive.

Thus far, it is very difficult to accept that, an Employee of Abdul Razak, a so called internal auditor, will be reported as vowing to deliberately and intentionally ran a sustained smear campaign against the progress of Zongo Development fund by what has been widely reported as the sale of government official documents by Abdul Razak Usuman to enemies of Zongo progress. The reports said that, the documents were to be vetted by him as part of his official duties but it is surprising why Abdul Razak Usuman, who is no more an employee of Zongo Development fund will sell documents to agencies to entities. Surprisingly, corruption watch. One will ask, what is the intent of Razak? Why should only one person seek to put spammers in the Development of Zongos in Ghana? Why has Razak refused to hand over two (2) official laptops to the Zongo Development fund? Is it Because Abdul Razak is profiting from his sale of those documents? Should the ordinary people not trust auditors again?

Indeed, unprecedented and amazing, are the various projects littered across our communities, easily notice with our unaided senses. In spite of the vilification against HE Nana Akufo-Addo and attempts in the past by enemies of Zongo to pitch him against Zongo, HE Nana Akufo-Addo proved everyone wrong when he created a Zongo Ministry and the Zongo Development fund. The numerous infrastructures we are seeing, amazes our minds, ranging from Classroom Blocks, Toilets, Water systems, Streetlights, Scholarships and the many.

We are urging Internal Audit Agency to advice on whether this reckless conduct of Abdul Razak Usuman is in breach of Auditing ethics. Is the sale of official government documents by Abdul Razak Usuman not in breach of the oath of office and oath of secrecy which is core to the Audit service? Is the recklessness of Abdul Razak Usuman not in breach of laws of Auditing that we are all aware of?

We, should add, the urgency of this matter is important to our astute belief in the laws and 1992 constitution of Ghana.

Counting on your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman: 0279075402
All members of AZOP


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