Government must initiate retirement policies for ‘legends’ – NSA Board chair


The Board Chairman for the governing body of the Ghana National Sports Authority (NSA) and Parliamentary Aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ashanti Akim Agogo Constiuency, Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyemang, has suggested that, the country should initiate policy that will seek the welfare of its retired sports men and women in the country.

It has been noticed in the country for several years that, Ghana does not regard her retired sports legends. Ghana has become a powerhouse in the world of sports as a result of quality personnel the country had produced days back and in recent times, yet, it has not fully recognized her sports men and women when they are on retirement.

According to Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyemang, there should be a policy for the country’s retire sports men and women as social security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) does for her subscribers on their retirement.

Speaking in an interview on an Accra based Angel 102.9 fm, the chairman hinted that, the country’s athletes fade off from the system after they had retired. Most of them after wearing the national colours battle to make a square meal. This is the reason for which there must be a policy that consciously seek their welfare.

“One has to achieve a legendary status before one qualifies to benefit from that policy, for example a footballer has to play at least 20 matches for the national team before they can qualify for the policy”, he stated.

He also disclosed that, sports contribute enormously to the country’s economy and so, the government must invest in the sports sector as he will do for other sectors, because the country’s future is centered on the youth who are the epicenter of the sports.

The aspiring legislature also added that, before the suspension of all social gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic by the president, H.E. Nana Addo Akufo Addo, all stakeholders in the sporting fraternity agreed in a meeting to reduce drastically supporters in the various stadia to avoid the pandemic from spreading.


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