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God Indeed Loves Black People more than the Whites

I am persuaded by some permanently ongoing developments to ask if Jesus Christ or God does not love black people more than the whites.

There is constantly a revelation of Jesus Christ’s second coming to the black man than to the white person. Our recent WhatsApp page messages are choked with videos and audios about black people, especially women, telling about having encountered Jesus or Angels of heaven about the imminent coming of Jesus Christ to judge the world.

Then again, churches are springing up like mushrooms on a daily basis in Africa, especially in Ghana, to spread the word of God to save souls for Christ.

Do all these not go to conclude that God loves us hence bestowing on the African the need and urgency to save themselves through the revelations and the building of the numerous places of worship?

Upon all these revelations principally made to black women, why are black people always in need and craving feverishly for the things of comfort made by the whites? We even go to the extent of carting their rubbish or rejected items to our black African countries to serve our comfort.  How come that if we are better placed in the eyes of God than our contemporary whites, we should always be in want of basic essentials of life?

Are we not deceiving ourselves by tickling ourselves and laughing?

Our fellow black pastors, prophets and evangelists, especially those of Ghanaian descent, are constantly ripping off their fellow Ghanaians through false prophecies, collection of money from them and living fat at their expense.

Are these people believed to be loved by God more than those who provide them with the comfort that they so crazily crave for?

I have no foresight into what tomorrow holds for us but I doubt the credibility of the numerous revelations coming from only black people who form the minority race in the world.

I knew of a man, now dead for almost forty years ago. He said, he would not worry himself about cultivating a cocoa farm when all his peers were scrambling for farmlands to cultivate cocoa farm. His argument was he would not live to enjoy the fruits of his cocoa or labour because the world was coming to an end. For him, it was a fruitless venture to invest his money, time and efforts in something that was going to be fruitless in a short while. He died a pauper about forty years ago and the world has still not come to the end.

Are the pastors and prophets in Ghana living luxurious lives not the very those preaching to us to live humble, modest or below the average lives in order to go to heaven? Why are they not practising what they preach? They are preaching virtues while practising evil.

I am not disputing their revelations but they are becoming too many and too rich to be good or credible, that is my view. I am not convinced that God loves the foolishly needy black people more than the whites who continually provide our needs by the grace of God.

Black people are losing the plot by the day. We are too ignorant and naive.

I believe in God but the African’s understanding of the concept of God and creation is erroneous to our own detriment.

Yes, the world will one day come to an end as many other numerous planets or stars in the infinite universe have become. Nevertheless, the fear that some bogus pastors and prophets instil in us to cow us is preposterous to say the least.

Let us worship the good God in faith and in truth but not in fear as is being preached everyday by the quack and greedy black pastors.

Rockson Adofo

Friday, 6 March 2020


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