We would have ordinarily ignored your needless rants and incessant insult on the Honourable Member of Parliament Ekow Kwansa Hayford but upon a second thought, we deem it necessary and also consider it as a civic responsibility to let the good people of this constituency know that, indeed the NDC has no respect for the good people of mfantseman hence the continuous taking of our votes for granted despite the loyalty of the people to such party.

lt is not only absurd but highly ridiculous to hear the NDC calling our Honourable MP names and lying through their teeth in broad day light that nothing at all is going on in the constituency. Do these people really have eyes to see or they have intentionally decided to go blind for the sake of politics?

Can the NDC tell us what they actually did for our dear constituency from 2009-2017? Have they suddenly forgotten that, they were in power for 8 good years? Can they boldly point us to what they did for the people within 3 and half years of their first term? But for their politics of deceit and lies Mfantseman wouldn’t be where we are today considering the solid foundation that was laid by Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng in just 4 years.

The NDC seems to be suffering from the short memory syndrome they were diagnosed of, by ex president John Mahama. Have they forgotten so soon that, since the inception of this 4th republic, the Mfantseman parliamentary seat has mostly been occupied by one of their own? Is it not a fact that the NPP only had the chance to serve this noble constituency between 2004-2008 and reversed to the NDC for 8 years to be wasted sadly?

The  recent unguarded utterances of the NDC led by its communications officer Stanley Acquah ( who goes about ignorantly calling himself Dr Stanley Acquah when he neither has a PhD nor ever being to any medical school) can be attributed to their current state of shock and confusion as they look steadily and intently, especially in admiration of the progress being made in Mfantseman under the able leadership of Hon Ekow Kwansa Hayford.

We imploy the NDC to go round the constituency and see for themselves, the provision of various amenities, goods and services which they deprived the good people of the constituency for 8 good years.

Below is just a bit of the action for your perusal
1. Renovation of Dominase health center
2. Renewal of 4000 NHIS cards for the less privileged.
3. Renovation of Saltpond Government Hospital OPD.
4. Provision of new medical equipments to kyeakor CHPS compound
5. Provision of  new medical equipments to Tabosom CHPS compound.

1. Expansion of school feeding program from 22 to 44 schools.
2. Distribution of 700 desks and chairs to Mfantsiman Girls SHS, Mankessim SHTS, Methodist High school and Kwegyir Aggrey SHTS.
3. Roofing of three-storey 21 unit classroom block at Mfantsiman Girls S.H.S (a building the NDC didn’t touch for 8 years)
4. Donation of 1000 mono desks to basic schools in the constituency.
5. Absorption of Abeadze State College by the government plus a donation of a set of furniture for the headteachers office as well as the secretary.

1. Construction of community centers for Taido, Odumano, Ekutukrom, Amisahkrom, Egya, Anokyi. (an endless list)
2. Donation of 300 reflector jackets to GNFS and GPS in the constituency.
3. Donation of 25 sewing machines and 29 hair dryers to apprentices upon completion of the apprenticeship.
4. Donation of 100 bags of cement to Mankessim S. H. T. S
5. Extension of electricity to soldier line as well as Ohwirfa in mankessim.

1. Construction of 7 mechanized boreholes for Ansaadze, Toboase, Ogoekrom, Anomansa, Pomase, Yamoransa and Mankessim SHTS .
2. Ongoing construction of 10 seater WC toilet facilities for mankessim timber market, Saltpond government hospital, Ankaful, Anomabo, Kwegyir Aggrey SHTS, Buranamon, Yamoransa and a 12 seater toilet facility at MEHISCO.
3. Water system for nyame bekyere.
4. Construction of a water supply system for Darman, Mampong, Assakrom and Ndansibom

These projects are just a tip of the iceberg. Lives are being changed, communities are rising and the good people of mfantseman are saying 4more4Kwansa and 4more4nana. They wont fall for your lies this year.

We welcome the NDC to any debate for a comparison of projects and achievements during their 8 year rule from 2009-2017 to the 3 and half year old by the current MP, any day, any time, anywhere, provided they can go about it in a civil manner rather than their usual “micro and macro” verbal aggression that only contribute to global warming while adding nothing to our political discourse.

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