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Girlfriend ruins romantic weekend by screaming out ex’s name during sex

You’re in the heat of passion and suddenly you call out a name. The only problem is, it’s not the person you’re actually getting freaky with. That’s a big oopsie!

One Reddit user has now come clean on her dirty weekend that didn’t go as planned. Posting her confessional to a forum, she admitted that she ruined her romantic weekend with her new boyfriend of six months by calling out her ex’s name while in the throws of passion.

Going by the username u/ThrowRA-sad, she wrote: “We were having sex on Saturday and it just got really intense. He started dirty talking and I did too, and during sex he said ‘Jane I f*&king love you’. I don’t know why, but I said my ex’s name instead like ‘Oh Adam I love you too and I love when you f*&k me’.

“I know I made a big mistake because their names are really different, I don’t know what I was thinking…I probably wasn’t at the time. It’s worse because Mike and I actually ran into Adam a week or two ago, but Mike is much more good looking and better in bed so I know it’s not an insecurity of his.”

Users were quick to hand out advice, while others shared similar experiences.

Rough one for sure. I was getting to know someone once, who bared a striking resemblance to Heather Graham, and experienced a similar situation. While driving to meet some of my friends we talked about how she often gets the ‘heather graham’ thing and what’s worse, her sister’s name is Heather. Then when we arrived at the spot, I promptly introduced her as ‘Heather’ to a roomful of people, even though her name was Kate,” wrote nugraph

“I once actually ‘dated’ a girl I met at a bar for two weeks before I figured out her name,” said MTknowsit.

“The first girl I dated after divorcing a woman named Jenny was named Jenna. I messed that one up consistently for at least 3 months and she was a great sport about it almost every single one of those times,” said NO_Tr3bbl3


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