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Ghana’s education curriculum needs a re-look – Expert

Director for University of Allied Management (UAM) Prof. Martin Gyambrah, has proposed a re-look at Ghana’s curriculum.

According to him, global decisions affecting people across the world has made it imperative to attach importance to international education to enable develop a sustainable development mindset.

He is proposing for a curriculum that focuses not only on Ghana but on global issues and learning processes that develops relevant global thinking.

Speaking at the 8th graduation ceremony of UAM on the theme: ‘International Education: A tool for sustainable development’, he said, sustainability is a key need to our world today.

Prof. Gyambrah noted that global terrain of health, education, environment, governance, high resources depleting and global crises confronted makes it imperative that Ghana develops a sustainability mindset and attitude aimed at making the world a better place.

“It is now obvious that whatever happens on the world street, whatever decisions are being made in the parliament of Shanghai, in Guangzhou, whatever decisions are taken place in the United Nations headquarters, whatever meetings and activities that transpire across the entire globe has massive implications for the continuous existence of our world. So we cannot choose to isolate ourselves and deem ourselves not to be active agents and partners of the international economy,” he stated.

In his view, international education expands perspectives, equips with relevant competencies and make one globally compliant to the global economy.

“Essentially, if we seek to develop international education, it calls for an international curriculum that recognises the problems of the world, it calls for the adoption of modern modules of delivering education that provides the relevant flexibility,” he added.


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