Ghana’s Current 566 COVID-19 Positive Numbers is one the best Outcomes in all of Africa


Ghana’s Current 566 COVID-19 Positive Numbers is one the best Outcomes in all of Africa


By an Anonymous Writer

As an independent observer, I cannot help but share with you how Ghana has clearly taken one of the most aggressive approaches to tracing, diagnosing, containing and mitigating the COVID-19 outbreak, in all of Africa.

To illustrate my point, Egypt has done 25,000 COVID-19 tests to-date. Per their population, this means the country’s testing ratio is 244 persons per 1 million of their people. Their COVID-19 Positive cases stand at 2,065 at the moment. All things being equal, 1 million tests will result in 82,600 Positive Cases.

Nigeria, standing as Africa’s most populated country, has 206 million citizens.They have so far conducted only 5,000 COVID-19 tests. This means they are testing only 24 people per every 1 million of their population. They currently have
323 Positive cases. Per extrapolation, 1 million tests will yield 64,600 Positives cases, all things being equal.

South Africa, the most advanced and with the biggest economy in Africa, has conducted
68,874 COVID-19 tests to-date. The testing ratio stands at 1,161 persons per every 1 million of their people. There are currently 1,934 confirmed Positive cases there. Again, extrapolating, if 1 million there were to be tested, they will find 28,080 cases, all things being equal.

In comes Ghana. It has now tested 37,954. At a rough estimated population of 30 million, that is about a whopping 1,266 persons per a million people, even higher than SA. There are 566 confirmed Positives cases. If one were to extrapolate, 1 million tests conducted, will result in 14,912 Positives cases, all things being equal.

While every single COVID-19 case is nothing to be downplayed, by the numbers, is there any doubt that Ghana, like during the days of independence from colonialism, is punching above its weight?

Clearly, the Ghana leadership is one of, if not the most committed to aggressively trace, diagnose, isolate, treat and contain the outbreak in Africa.

Is there any doubt as to which country is trying to mitigate the spread the most and contain outbreak the earliest amongst many African countries?

By the apptoaches being taken by Ghana, all things equal, it stands as one of the African countries with a great chance to contain the problem the most quickly and effectively.

The citizens should see this aggressive approaches clearly and rather cooperate with the government, which has the real chance to once again make Ghana the primus inter pares in Africa, in a major struggle to defeat an invader. The country is testing/isolating/reducing spread quicker and thankfully, getting relatively lower percentage point positives cases.

Do not deceived by the absolute numbers, in isolation but rather focus more on how much testing has been done.

Those countries testing less and reporting seemingly low numbers now will likely be gnashing teeth at the later explosion to come at them.


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