Wednesday, April 21, 2021



A video of former President Mahama speaking about the Electoral Commission is making the rounds.

In the video, the former President is fuming distastefully about the determined refusal of the Electoral Commission to heed the NDC’s demand to halt the decision to compile a new voter register.

This has caused serious uproar among Ghanaians who think that such brazen recklessness insinuating the incidence of violence as a consequence of ECs decision to go ahead with its decision, cannot be expected and accepted from a former President.

It is believed that such inexcusable utterances from someone who is seeking the opportunity to correct the incompetent, maladministration of the country he once governed only symbolizes a personality who is ready to derail the stability of this country in pursuit of electoral fortunes.

All along, significant sections of the Ghanaian populace have said John Mahama was not and has never been readily refined and equipped to be President. As Vice-President, he succeeded President Mills following his seemingly suspicious death. They refer to him as the “Accident President” who failed to better the fortunes of his party and country and lost a second term bid by the worst of margins ever suffered in any Ghanaian election.

His inability to hold and conduct himself as an elder statesman and former President vindicates this widely held perception and his commentary on this recent video will go down as the most unguarded statement to ever come from the mouth of a former President.

Ghanaians hold a lot pride in their country which has become a beacon of democracy on the African continent. And are therefore calling the vicious former President to stand by his responsibility and help consolidate that reputation as a country of peace and stability where elections are held in a good atmosphere.

President Mahama’s recent comments against the EC are unfortunate. He should begin to regret it and offer a semblance of a retraction. It has rendered the sacred tag of Ex-President tainted. Such violent words provoke the supreme dignity and respect Ghanaians have for their former leaders.

As leader of the largest opposition party, the Ghanaian society across traditional and social media now progressively conceives former President Mahama’s personality as an increasingly bad choice for President, very unfit to serve and a grave threat to the peace and stability of the nation.


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