Ghanaians survived 8 years of careless governance under the NDC and we will survive this Coronavirus too


Ghanaians survived 8 years of careless governance under the NDC and we will survive this Coronavirus too

1. Nurse trainees allowances CANCELLED

2. Teacher trainees allowances

3. Lectures allowances

4. Payment of back – pay salary arrears

5. Teachers yearly incremental salary CANCELLED

6. Supply of chalk, register, report cards etc

7. Government subsidy on masters programme

8. Payment of SHS utility bills by government

9. Payment of teacher training and nursing training utility bills by government

8. Government subsidy on academic and residential facility user fee(ARFUF)

9. Pricing of petroleum products by government

10. Payment of capitation grant on termly basis

11. Free duty on imported cars for
teachers, nurses and doctors

12. Teachers car maintenance
allowance – 40 cedis a month

13. Free maternal care

14. Duty free mobile phones

15. Free metro mass bus for pupils

Under this NPP Gov we enjoying

1. National ID Cards

2. Digital Property Addressing​

3. Drivers licenses and vehicle registration Digitization

4. Mobile money payments interoperability

5. Digitization of land Administration

6. Passport Applications Digitization

7. Rural telephony sites for broadband access.

8. National Cyber security Centre

9. Innovation Hub and Mobile Applications Lab at Accra Digital Centre

10. NHIS renewal *929#

11. NCA’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) centre, and the Revenue Assurance and Traffic Monitoring Centre.

12. Community Information Centres

13. Digitization of Registrar General’s Dept.

14. Digitization of Birth and death Registry

15. Digitization of Ghana Immigration Service

16. Digitization of Judicial Service

17. Digitization of Ministry of Justice & AGD

18. E-Government Network Connectivity

19. National G-Cloud Platform

20. Security Operation Centre

21. Data Exchange Platform – Eservices & Epayment

22. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

23. Ghana Open Data Initiative (GoDI)

24. Smart Workplace Productivity Platform

25. E-Cabinet

26. E-Justice

27. E-Parliament

28. E-immigration – E-Gate

29. E-procurement

30. Digital for inclusion

31. Smart community projects

32. School connectivity project

33. Coding for kids

34. Medical records digitization

34. Operationalizing Accra Digital Centre to drive Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

35. Medical drones program

36. Motor Insurance Database


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