Ghanaians should benefit more from the country’s salt deposits – Greenstreet


Presidential candidate for the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in the December elections, Ivor Greenstreet has made a case for better utilisation of Ghana’s salt deposits.

According to him, despite its profound economic benefits, the country’s salt deposits, the bulk of which can be found at the Songhor Lagoon, has been poorly developed.

“We have oil, gold, gas; we have cocoa, timber, diamonds, bauxite, fertile lands, access to water resources but, of course, one of them which we have not been able to tap for such a long period of time…is our salt resources,” the CPP flagbearer said.

Ivor Greenstreet was speaking to journalists on Thursday, November 12, 2020, during the party’s campaign tour.

He also criticised a recent deal between government and Electrochem which, according to Mr Greenstreet, hands over the bulk of the country’s salt deposits to one company.

“Recently, Parliament approved some new leases covering more than 150 square miles of the Songhor Lagoon to one single company in a form of a monopoly.

“This single company is called Electrochem. We in the Convention People’s Party are not opposed to indigenous private sector involvement. The problem we have is that a resource of this nature is a strategic national interest and we believe the state needs to have a significant portion of this resource in order to generate revenue for the benefit of the nation,” he said.


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