Ghanaians are running away from the NDC manifesto?


Ghanaians are running away from the NDC manifesto?

*GPRTU have causioned Mahama and has given him a number of days retract his Okada promised

*Imams and the Zongo communities have risen angrily with Mahama for his One Zongo One Mortuary promised and calling him to withdraw it immediately.

*Assembly members have disregard Mahama’s mere promised of paying them with salaries because he made such same fake promise in his 2012 manifestos which he never delivered.

*Tertiary students have rejected Mahama’s 50% reduction of fee and call it a 419 promise since it’s not enough to resolve their problems. They want a total elimination as president Akufo Addo has done for Senior High School.

*Youth in Okada business have debunked on Mahama for trying to kill their future career. They expect him to rather formulate proper policy that will yield them a brighter future but not just a mere legalization of Okada. They’re into Okada business just because they have no other support to fund their education or formal job to do.

*Farmers in the country have snubbed mamaha’s promised of providing them with free fertilizer. They recall when fertilizers and agro chemicals were shared among party faithfuls and others smuggled to sell at Côte De voire leaving the ordinary farmer with no gained.

*Northeners especcially, Gonja land have change their position for voting for NDC and Mahama. They considered mahama to be their son and their own to resolve major challenges such as waters problems,irrigation problems developmental projects for them and also give them proper living condition but he turn deaf hear to any of them.

*DKM and God is Love and customers turned deaf hears to mahama when he toured the Bono region. They claimed that they cannot fellow a person who refused to pay them their money after he revoked the license of the credit union and made them went into serious messed and even raised insult on them for been selfish of putting their monies there in returns of huge interest

These and many more are signs which indicates that Mahama and the NDC are already lost the 2020 election but have no other way out than to accused the EC.

#Say No To Papa No
#Say No To NDC


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