Ghanaians apprehensive ahead of Presidential coronavirus update


A section of the public on Friday expressed apprehension as the country awaits update on the measures to contain and or live with the COVID-19 by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Sunday, May 31.

Some residents at Madina and Adentan catchment areas were uneasy about the possible lifting of the restrictions stressing that June should be used as transitional period towards a general lifting in July whilst others were eager for the lifting especially on church activities.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Ms Lovia Agboli, a food vendor at Adenta said the first Sunday after a possible lifting of restrictions would be used as an observation moment at her church.

“If I noticed that, the leadership has put in place measures to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols then I will continue but if not, I will not,” she said.

She said the issue of whether to go to church or not depends on the safety measures which would be put in place, “we need to tread cautiously, we must be secured in the house of God, we have our human roles to play for safety but if we fail it would seriously affect our fight against the spread of COVID-19”.

Nana Kofi Boateng, a graphic designer at Madina said because of his role as a youth president of his local assembly, he would act on the directions of the Church Board especially to help them in putting down effective measures to guarantee the safety of members.

He said the youth would cooperate with the leadership of the church on whatever measures, especially on the observance of the social distancing protocols and other preventive directives.

Ms Ekua Ninson, a petty trader said she would go to her chapel once restrictions were lifted because the market square was even more populous and largely without any safety protocols than what may pertain at church but markets are still operating.

She said: “I do not believe that the Church premises can be a major place for the spread of the virus because when you walk through town, you see a lot of people not observing the safety protocols”.

Ms Mavis Eshun, a fashion design student said she would not go to church immediately but wait to hear if the protocols would be observed and also because “I am a type that would want to hug my friends.


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