Ghanaians also breaking laws in Nigeria – Igbo King

The Igbo King of the Nigerian Community in Ghana, His Royal Majesty Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu has revealed that millions of Ghanaians living in Nigeria are also breaking laws in Nigeria.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosi Sen show, Chief Ihenetu pointed out that these Ghanaians do not have passports and are trading in retail markets in Nigeria but are not being hounded because they believe in brotherliness.

“We have laws on retail business in Nigeria but we are not implementing these against Ghanaians and I can tell you over millions of Ghanaians breaking laws. I have a lot of my wife’s family members living in my house in Nigeria and they don’t have passports,” he said.

Asked if there are Ghanaians trading in retail market, Mr Ihenetu said “yes, millions of them are selling in retail markets, an activity reserved only for Nigerians. They are selling without passports and nobody has asked them to quit because we believe that we are all brothers. Ghanaians must treat us same here.”

The Igbo King’s comment was in reaction to recent Nigerian involvement in high profile criminal activities such as rape, robbery and the kidnapping of two Canadians in Kumasi.

These criminal activities of some Nigerian nationals in the country triggered anger in the Ashanti region where angry traders closed down shops belonging to Nigerians and asked them to go back to their country because they were engaging in retailing which violates laws in the country.

So far, more than 40 shops have been closed down in the Ashanti region alone by members of the Ghana Union of Traders.