Ghanaian Times: Ghana-Nigeria relationship must remain cordial


The brotherly relationship between Ghana and Nigeria may not be at it best because of recent happenings between the peoples of the two countries. Happily, the good news is that the two countries have stepped up diplomatic moves to restore the cordial relationship between them.

It is no gainsaying however, that Ghana and Nigeria have had good cordial relationship between them over the years, reflecting in the number of Nigerians living in Ghana, going about their businesses freely and vice versa. Not forgetting the intermarriages between them.

Indeed, but for the existence of the artificial barriers imposed on the two nations by the colonial masters to keep the two countries apart , one would say that Nigeria and Ghana are one country.

In spite of this artificial barrier, Ghana and Nigeria still maintain air, transport and sea links facilitating trade and commerce between them on daily basis, but for the recent restrictions on travels, following the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Fact is that Ghana and Nigeria put together constitutes the biggest economy in West Africa and a forces to reckon with in global, regional and continental affairs.

Both countries belong to the United Nations Organisation, the African Union and Economic Community of West African States where they share similar aspirations and speak with one voices most over issue affecting their citizens.

Undoubtedly, Ghana and Nigeria have a common goal of pursuing socioeconomic activities to promote the wellbeing of their people to uplift them from poverty, disease, hunger and deprivation.

But likening the relationship to the teeth and the tongue, the teeth would occasionally bite the tongue, but both organs of the body still live together. There is no way the tongue and the teeth can live in adversary.

It is for this reason that we entreat both Ghana and Nigeria to put the unfortunate events that have happened between them aside and continue to pursue and maintain the good cordial relationship between them.

In fact what binds the two brotherly nations together is bigger that what divides them.

It is against this backdrop that we consider the row between a section of the people of the two sister countries as a matter that has been blown out of proportion, creating anxiety between the citizens of the two countries.

We, therefore, wish to entreat the people of the two country to be very circumspect discussing the issue at hand in public.

Admittedly, there have been some incidents between the peoples of the two countries. But Ghana and Nigeria are not at war! And the misbehavior of few people cannot be blamed on the two nations.

We are comforted that the two countries have an inexhaustibly diplomatic channels and avenues through which they can use to competently handle their affairs. We look forward to a fruitful deliberations as officials of the two countries meet to discuss the issues

The Ghanaian Times salutes Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his Nigeria counterpart, Muhammadu Buhari for taking swift diplomatic steps to iron out the perceived differences between the two countries, for continuous good neighbourliness.

With the establishment of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area secretariat in Accra, the citizens of Ghana and Nigeria expect their two governments to play critical roles for the realisation of the benefits of free trade on the continent.

We are hopeful that Ghana and Nigeria would take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to them and foster a very good cordial relationship in the interest of the peoples of the two countries.

Long live Ghana- Nigeria relationship!! 


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