Ghanaian Pastors, Prophets and Churches Display Heartlessness and Love of Money even in the Wake of Lethal Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Weep, my fellow Ghanaians and mother Ghana

How heartless and greedy our pastors and prophets have become

Even in the face of the temporary church service ban

Because of the ravaging deadly coronavirus

The pastors, prophets and churches have devised means

To compel their church members to pay their offerings and tithes

They never want to lose a penny, cent or pesewa

Of their budgeted income

Coming from offerings and tithes contributions

Hence demanding members of their churches

To go online to pay their normal offerings and tithes

Into provided church bank accounts

Are these pastors and prophets wise at all?

Instead of dipping their hands deep into their accounts

To help their church members who are on lockdown

Who are unable to go to work?

Who are unable to go out in public for their basic needs and comfort?

They are simply forcing them to pay up offerings and tithes

As I write, some churches are trending their bank accounts online

Requesting their church members to pay their offerings and tithes into them

Oh, heartless, greedy and unwise pastors and prophets

This is not the time for continuous depiction of stupidity

This is not the time for continuous exploitation of your miracle-seeking congregations

But the time to show love, care and concern about your members

Cease collecting the offerings and tithes

Remove your online bank accounts for the purpose as stated

Show wisdom and intelligence in the wake of Covid-19

Rather give to your poor and needy church members, the contributors of the wealth

From your already saved church money

That is how sensible pastors and prophets behave in the wake of national calamity as it is now

Any pastor or prophet insisting on payments of tithes and offerings

While the world and their church members are in dire crisis

Where death, hunger and uncertainties are staring people in the face

Are simply heartless, greedy and selfish individuals

Therefore, the church members themselves must wise up

Refuse the silly demands on you

Why do you enrich your fake pastors and prophets?

While your own family, friends and relatives suffer want of basic needs?

Why help the already rich and greedy pastors and prophets

Who only preach prosperity but not salvation to you?

Why continue to allow crooks to fool you?

You will as well be a fool if you allow pastors to cheat you in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic

Rockson Adofo

Monday, 23 March 2020

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