Ghanaian Mentality of Knowingly Creating Monsters to Come to Devour Them is Sickening


It is about time the truth was told without any ifs or buts. Where in the world that people in their right senses will knowingly create human monsters to only end up being eaten up by the monsters so created, except in my motherland Ghana and her sister African countries?

Should you knowingly involve yourself in any action that will result in your death shortly afterwards or in the course of doing it, how intelligent are you? This is not about rising up against the prevailing illegalities in the society being perpetrated and perpetuated by the rogues in leadership positions but helping to create and prop up a callous criminal.

As knowledge makes one confident in whatever they do to achieve their desired objectives, you should count it a blessing if someone imparts knowledge to you than to give you money.

When then American President  Barack Obama came to Ghana and advised us to create stronger institutions but not stronger persons to help the nation develop, without him giving us money, many a Ghanaian or African believes that Africa never profited from his presidency than they did from that of American President G. W. Bush Jnr who gave their countries money.

If we had adhered to President Obama’s advice, we would not continue to create and support official thieves and abusers of power who end up embezzling funds and State assets to further intimidatingly lord themselves over us.

If there had been stronger institutions with our judicial system working well, with our police and armed forces working professionally without their inclination to corrupt themselves with impunity, it would be difficult to embezzled public funds. Therefore, there would be more money available to the country than it was given to us by President G. W. Bush Jnr to build the Kasoa Interchange and to realise other projects in the country.

Ghanaians prefer, and still do value, the Millennium Challenge Fund to the advice given to us by President Obama.

While President Bush was giving us fish, President Obama showed us how to fish. Which of the two cases leads to quenching your hunger for fish for good? While my fellow Ghanaians will go for the one supplying us with daily quota of fish, the Whiteman will go for knowing how to fish by himself.

Going forward, why should we create and support corrupt politicians, corrupt public services officials, corrupt traditional overlords, corrupt police officers, just to mention a few? Are the mentioned people not by their actions ruining the socio-economic advancement of Ghana as a people and a nation?

Anyone who stands up to educate Ghanaians to accept the changing realities of life becomes the public enemy number one. If it were not so, would people turn against me for my resolute determination to resist the illegalities being perpetrated against Kumawuman by some nationally-acknowledged powerful traditional Overlord with the power to make or break Ghana?

Why have we by our own hands and actions created these powerful politicians and chiefs to preside over the stealing of public funds, spoiling of our water bodies and lands by leasing the lands for illegal surface mining (galamsey)? Why have we created people who turn around to terrorise us once they are created? Is there any sense in our actions of helping to make people greater than they naturally appear to be only to turn on us? Why have we allowed our observance of traditions and cultures, tribalism and nepotism, to shroud our logical thinking to create human monsters to deny us peace of mind, safety and protection?

To break the neck of the merciless human monsters for Ghana to prosper to earn us our rightful respectable place in the world as human beings and a country, please join my radical crusade to open up the eyes and minds of Ghanaians.

My style is not to suffer fools kindly irrespective of their status in society. The truth must be told at all time.

Ghana can only develop to our total admiration if we ceased creating and supporting human monsters in what is creating stronger persons than creating stronger institutions where the laws will punish whoever breaks it as it should. If the institutions are stronger to work in strict accordance with the laws creating them, Ghana shall not only be free and free forever as said by ex-late President Dr Kwame Nkrumah, but Ghana shall become prosperous for the benefit of all but not only the few human monsters.

Mind you, he who knowingly creates a monster to come to devour him or her is in my candid opinion, a fool!

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


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