Ghanaian Bloggers Abroad Must be Conversant with the Laws, or else They will be in Trouble


One will expect a Ghanaian living abroad in the Whiteman’s land to be civilized to some extent. However, some Ghanaians living among the Whites behave worse than the bushmen living in the wild in the Southern African countries or in the Amazon forest in Brazil. One wonders for what reasons some Ghanaians travelled abroad. Was it only for the reason of travelling to fleece the greener pastures in the Whiteman’s countries?

There is one Ghanaian blogger residing in Germany who by his media channel posts is intentionally or inadvertently compromising the safety and security of other Ghanaians. He seems to be infatuated with defending the corrupt and most disgraceful Ghanaian traditional overlords. He who speaks about any traditional overlord in Ghana, especially the Asante overlord, is seen as his enemy. He does not hesitate to go to any length to ensure that such people are located, exposed and attacked.

Not long ago, he placed the phone number of a Ghanaian female living in Switzerland on one of his video clips posted on his TV channel. He advised people to phone her up to attack her. He said, he does not understand why the said woman had constantly been posting pictures with voiceover on YouTube to attack the Asante overlord.

Again, he has disclosed the phone number of a certain Ghanaian residing in Frankfurt, Germany, on his media channel for people to phone him up to attack. His reason is that the guy has been castigating some chiefs in Ghana including the Asante overlord.

One thing I know, living in the Whiteman’s country, is that it is illegal to give someone’s phone number to people and encourage them to attack him or her. Although some people’s phone numbers can easily be accessed using the telephone directory, to purposely fish for the numbers, place them out and encourage people to attack the owners of such phone numbers is an infraction of the law. Therefore, whoever for his abundance of ignorance of the law, sycophancy and sheer stupidity, is placing people’s lives in danger should be careful before someone drags him to court in Germany.

If he thinks he is a detective for the chiefs and does not see any wrong in the crimes they are known to commit with impunity, then he is unconsciously courting problem for himself should one take him on by reporting him to the police in Germany.

I shall advise him to rather find a way to advise the chiefs to stop the very criminal acts they commit that make others feel the urge to insult them. Once they desist from their seeming irresponsible and criminal behaviours, those insulting them will no longer have any reason to attack them.

Ghanaian bloggers abroad should not only be interested in the money or fame they get but to be conversant with the laws regulating what they do. In the Whiteman’s country, the laws work unlike in Ghana where it is obvious or alleged that justice is often sold to the highest bidder.

You cannot harm anyone and expect to go scot free in the Whiteman’s country. The law will deal with you.

I neither support those insulting any traditional chief in Ghana for no genuine reason nor the chiefs committing irresponsible acts of fraud and machismo.

A word to the wise is enough.

Rockson Adofo


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