Ghana, Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu: Analyses of Cases Pursued on Grounds of Priority, Rationality and National Interest. Part 1 of 3.


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Ghana, Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu: Analyses of Cases Pursued on Grounds of Priority, Rationality and National Interest. Part 1 of 3.

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In the plethora of established state institutions to prevent, control, and correct the menace of public sector corruption that cost the country Ghana over thirteen billion Ghana cedis or two billion dollars annually, witnessed the newly established Office of the Special Prosecutor

Just by way of recapitulation, the Office of the Special Prosecutor was formed by Nana President in 2018 and given a majority parliamentary vote by the president’s political party being New Patriotic Party. Though there were some notable reservations against its proposal, as multiplicity of state institutions having same functions, hence a waste of state resources and disingenuous to the fight against public sector corruption in Ghana.

Not withstanding these reservations, the majority New Patriotic Party parliamentarians passed into law the Office of the Special Prosecutor in 2018, knowing of the democratic practice being minority having their say but majority having the converse way

Since Ghana is bedeviled with historic and endemic corruption, just on the appointment of Martin Amidu as the special prosecutor into the Office of the Special Prosecutor, his first case was, the suspected contaminated fuel corruption case involving a loss of $30 million to the state as perpetuated by the CEO of the state petroleum oil storage institution called Bulk Oil Storage Transportation (BOST).

This over $30 million corruption scandal was lodged by an independent non-governmental organisation COPEC as led by Duncan Amoah. Since 2018 till today July 2020, the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has not done any noticeable or covert investigative work on this alleged oil corruption case.

As the months pass by in 2018, a lot more alleged corruption cases were brought to the attention of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Martins, however, he obviously is shying away from big-time money corruption cases that were reported to him earlier. As he questionably is pursing small money corruption cases of lesser importance and came later in reporting order.

It is strange that Special Prosecutor Martins Amidu is vigorously prosecuting a case in court involving an alleged loss of $3,800.00 to the state of Ghana. Meanwhile, copious work is been done by parallel state investigative institutions in the $30 million contaminated oil case that was the first case reported to him.
Granted it is earlier days for questioning the professional prioritization competence of the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu, in his mode of handling cases.

Not digressing, it is commonsensical that cases are attended to on priority based on factors as, time, value and national interest, in a matrices form. However it comes across that the Office of the Special Prosecutor of Ghana is specialising in minor cases that can easily be handled by the Ghana Police Force, while ignoring the big time and hot money corruption cases.

Question is, is Martin Amidu exercising any rational sense of prioritisation in his mode of handling corruption cases in Ghana?

Being harsh on Special Prosecutor Martins Amidu may be unfair at this stage, however his subsequent actions is confirming to the world that he needs assistance in prioritization, rationalisation and national interest.

Unfortunately at this stage the focus is on Martin Amidu and not the entirety of his office, because of his posture of being above reproach when it comes to seeking justice and fighting corruption in Ghana.

In 2019, the investigative journalist Manasseh Azuri, in his usual work of unearthing corrupt public office holders in Ghana,

Please continue listening to part 2 and 3.

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