Ghana Premier League players deserve better salaries – Issah Ahmed


Former Kotoko defender Issah Ahmed says the only way players will stay put in the local League is by given them good remuneration.

Player exodus has been one of the banes of the local league with quality players leaving the league to seek for greener pastures after just one season in the top-flight.

This and other matters have corroborated in making the Ghana Premier league unattractive.

However former Asante Kotoko skipper Issah Ahmed has advised authorities to ensure lucrative payment to players in order to keep them on the domestic scene.

“It will be very hard for me to advice any player right now.

“I wouldn’t ask any player to stick to a club when he gets a chance to move outside but if we want our league to be much better… and I am not talking about Kotoko, I am talking about general issue,” he said on GTV Sport plus.

“If we want our league to be much better and pull out crowds like we did from the 90’s to the 2000’s then players need to be paid better and then keep them for a long time in the country.

“That is where supporters will have believe in them to come to the stadium and watch them.

“If you look at our days, Hearts of Oak supporters coming to the stadium knew they had somebody like Adjah Tetteh, Don Bortey, they had a whole lots of players, same thing to Kotoko, a fan coming to the stadium knows am coming to watch Yusif Chibsah, he knows he is going to watch Charles Taylor, Issah Ahmed, Stephen Oduro. The names goes on and on and that is what he had during our time.”

The former strong defender believes the consistency of players with clubs on the local scene will be a key component of making the local league better.

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