Ghana Police must Arrest Rev. Obofour for Claiming to be Privy to some Unreported Secret Murders

On many occasions have I rhetorically asked myself if the Ghana police and the other Secret Intelligence Services are credibly professional in the execution of their national duties for which they are employed and paid with the taxpayers’ money. This question keeps running through my mind whenever I cogitate about the professionalism of the country’s law enforcement agents in the face of the continually unfolding acts of criminalities engulfing the country. They seem not to be on top of their job. They seem not to be proactive and are even sluggish in reacting to obvious cases of suspected crimes. This is my personal observation or view about the Ghana police and the National Security agents.
It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort to both the teller and the hearer hence telling the gospel truth about the country’s security services. The police and the National Security agents are there to ensure the safety and protection of the citizens through the prevention of crimes, and the enforcement of the citizens’ obedience to the laws of the land. Anyone seen, reported or suspected to be breaching the law to endanger lives or properties must be arrested, interrogated and prosecuted. Right?
Let my fellow Ghanaians, those who reason as human beings but not as subhuman without an iota of brain, understand that videos made without doctoring or malicious editing, don’t lie. Therefore, such recorded videos are credible, permissible and acceptable in any court of competent jurisdiction. Am I right?
Find below a recorded video of, and by, one Reverend Obofour, in Ghana, claiming to know a person or persons in Ghana who drink blood, human blood of course, and has or have time and patience to go about killing people. He was issuing threats to an unmentioned wealthy Ghanaian who is into the media industry that should he dare him, he, Obofour, will publicly expose his nefarious activities of murders for the whole country and the world to know.
Should it take Rockson Adofo, the fearless and no-nonsense son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, to come out to request the police or the National Security to invite or arrest Rev. Obofour for interrogation? Are people not being kidnapped, going missing without any trace of them, or being murdered without those behind the committal of such crimes ever arrested? Therefore, if someone emerges from nowhere to inform the public that he is cognizant of one such expert murderers, what should be expected of professional police and national security agents? Should they not rush to invite or arrest the unofficial informer for interrogation in order to arrest the alleged murderer? Why are they not doing so?
In any civilized country with professional but not corrupt police force, Rev. Obofour would have been visited or invited by the police long ago. Nevertheless, here we are in Ghana that he has been left off the hook to go about boasting that he has caused the arrest of one of his accusers and will deal ruthlessly with anyone that wrongly accuses him. I am sorry but this is completely bollocks of him and the Ghana police!
From the video below, he is celebrating his victory, power and wisdom, for getting one Nana Osei Bonsu Ohoahi arrested for falsely accusing him.
Should Rev. Obofour not be arrested for asserting to be knowledgeable of uncovered murders of some innocent Ghanaians or people by an unnamed wealthy Ghanaian who is into the media business? Get him arrested to tell the nation who the alleged murderer is before the murderer kills many more people. Is it not the job of the police to protect lives? Why then are they not acting to save people’s lives when it has become public knowledge that someone only known to Rev. Obofour, is lurking in the dark killing some Ghanaians?
I am taking the Ghana police force headed by Inspector General of Police, Mr James Oppong-Boanuh, and the National Security headed by Honourable Albert Kan Dapaah, to task to prove that they are competent, professionals, proactive or sensibly reactive by quickly apprehending Rev. Obofour for interrogation and arraignment. He was serious about his assertion so he cannot tell me or you that he was joking. He meant what he was saying.
Finally, he could possibly be a fake prophet or pastor if the allegation by a guy in France as contained in the video below did actually happen.
For how long will these notorious criminals sauntering about in Ghana, driving luxury cars and living in opulence, be allowed to commit crimes with impunity? Almost all the so-called powerful pastors, prophets and evangelists appearing on televisions and in radio stations claiming to perform miracles to helping vulnerable persons are all fake. The good ones preaching the word of God do not go public to blow their horns.
Fake pastors and prophets, shame on you!
I shall like to read that Rev. Obofour has been invited by the police or the National Security over his knowledge of that rich person who kills people in Ghana. We cannot continue to have murderers in our midst to kill innocent people with impunity.
Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 21 June 2020

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