By Efua-Bedu Hayfron

My country was one of freedom, one of peace and one without fear and panic. Even if all was not well, there was equally no chaos, fear and panic in the system.

A country with a trying government and a set of interesting citizens who would find a way to calm themselves through all trying times. A country that could calm even the most dangerous of situations which could lead to bigger problems. This is my country.

What happened to the Ghana I knew? The Ghana I know? and the Ghana I thought I will always know? But who can blame the citizens of my country? Is it their fault that a certain COVID-19 hunts the entire world which Ghana happens to be part of?

Fellow Citizens, COVID-19 which was once a Wuhan epidemic is now of a global pandemic which hasn’t excluded Ghana my country. I can at this point only entreat all to follow the recommended precautionary measures and contribute what ever we can to overcome this worldwide crisis.

In these times, we cannot have partisan party colours. The fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic cannot be sustained if we attempt fighting it with partisanship. These times call for honest nationalism. It is the only strategy to defeat the novel COVID-19.

Ghana will definitely come out safe. This too shall surely pass. The times will reverse to normalcy. Like the President of my country puts it, our economy shall definitely be reignited and brought back to the path of efficiency and effectiveness. Unfortunately, the lives lost can never be restored. It is what makes this pandemic a sad one.

We have the Chinese experience to learn from. No partisanship but statehood against this pandemic. Together, we shall overcome.

Efua-Bedu Hayfron
A Patriotic Ghanaian Citizen

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