Ghana football causing me severe headache – Amin Lamptey writes


I just find it very difficult to comprehend what exactly is the mission of our football after going through a normalisation process.

What am seeing flying in the atmosphere regarding GFA debt portfolio documents can only be described as a grand scheme to play a fast on football stakeholders and ultimately tarnish the already over flogged image of the former FA President.

I believe the best way to outline the debt portfolio of an organization by a new administration is to first of all state what is there regarding assets and liabilities.

So how can a cashless organization…..

Refurbished offices of the President and General Secretary?

Gave loans to clubs before the commencement of leagues?

Renovate the FA Secretariat?

Cleared two brand-new V8 vehicles from the Port?

How can anyone add the indebtedness of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to that of the FA without clarification.

How can anyone suggest indebtedness on an organization when a matter that is in court?

We all know it’s the Ministry that handles the salary of Black Stars Manager and so why must that be captured as FA debt?

I can only applaud Dr.Kofi Amoah and his team for a yeoman’s job done. This was a man some of us castigated and accused of being a novice to football administration but he navigated the hot waters and even courageously disqualified a qualified candidate for the FA presidential election BUT he never caused so much harm to our football.

I was not surprised when I heard from the grapevine that NC members are very sad and disappointed in what going on in our football.

The NC under Dr.Amoah organized a successful election and gave us a new leadership and expected the realization of a new order for our football after a tough normalisation process. What do we see today?

Once again, let me say, football people in Ghana please open your eyes well and wake up from your slumber.

To my colleagues Journalists, I say please be critical and analytical in job as watchdogs.

This is the time to exhibit your journalistic prowess to help save our football.

Efforts to erase the successes and dismantle the legacy of Ghana Football has indeed reach a crescendo.

This COVID -19 -FIFA $500,000 is pencilled down to reveal more mind-boggling information…..

Just stay with THE LOOP from now onwards for more revealing stuff.

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