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‘Ghana could experience what’s happening in Nigeria in the next 3 years’ – Political Analyst

Political analyst, Michael Ebo Amoah, has said Ghana may in the next three years, experience leadership crisis.

According to him, if care is not taken, the crisis may turn out to be a chaotic one just as Nigerians are currently experiencing.

The political analyst stressed that the leadership crisis may be as a result of citizens protesting against the ruling government for failing them.

Likening the Nigeria saga to Ghana, Mr Amoah said Ghanaians in 2016 voted out the National Democratic Congress to try a new government.

Therefore, the governing New Patriotic Party should access itself to know whether or not they’ve managed the frustrations of Ghanaians

Making these statements on Rainbow Radio’s Eboboba programme, Mr. Amoah said “What I am coming to say might seem controversial but I want to state that if we don’t take care of what is happening to Buhari could happen to Ghana in the next two to three years. Not the chaos but leadership crisis. How old is Buhari now? He is almost going to 76 or 77. You cannot cheat nature and that is something African leaders most understand.”

He, however, called on African countries, especially Ghana to be of help as these Nigerians may move to Ghana to safeguard their lives.

There’s chaos in Nigeria as citizens protest against police brutality carried out by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Few weeks on, the protest turned deadly as the SARS team shot several protestors to death.

In the latest development, the Nigerian government has issued a 24-hour curfew on Lekki.

Meanwhile, the African Union, Economic Community of West African States and some distinguished people have condemned the act, stressing that the brute force by African leaders to suppress demonstrators is not the answer rather, the government must dialogue with these people to find solutions to their problems.


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