GFA part ways with RAG – Kurt Okraku confirms


Ghana Football Association president Kurt Okraku has revealed that the long-standing monopoly enjoyed by the Referee’s Association of Ghana (RAG) has ended following the appointment of the GFA Referee’s Manager.

The GFA recently appointed retired FIFA referee Alex Kotey to head the position which is in accordance with FIFA’s regulation.

Alex Kotey will now take over the general recruitment of referees which used to be the preserve of RAG.

According to Kurt Okraku, the establishment of the Referee’s Managers position is part of efforts to chart a new course for refereeing in Ghana Football following the Anas exposé which indicted a lot of them.

Kurt Okraku in an interview with Graphic explained the rationale behind setting up the position and its intended purpose for the FA.

“The truth is that there is nowhere in the world where refereeing is controlled by the referee’s association of that country. In fact, it doesn’t exist,” the FA boss told Graphic in an interview.

He explained that RAG will continue to play its role as the welfare body.

“The Referees Association of Ghana has their roles to play; they are the welfare body of the referees and they will continue to perform that role. “As it is, if we believe that some of the person or persons (members) can act in different capacities at the FA level, why not,”.

The newly- appointed Referees Manager is going to launch the ‘GameChanger’s ‘catch them young’ policy aimed at recruiting and training kids to venture into officiating.


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