Get Us Husbands Else You Lose Our Votes – Born One Association Dares Nana Addo

An association made up females who got kids but no husband have threaten to deal with the President of Ghana if He refuses to get them their heart desires. According to the PRO of the group who spoke to our journalist after their demonstration, revealed that, getting husbands has been a headache and so Government must come to their rescue.

Latest information also also reaching us indicates that Kumasi men have advice other men to stay away from Born ones in order to save their lives.

This particular revelation have therefore gingered the Born ones Association to sound a big warning to Nana Addo else lose the 2020 elections. According to them, if Government refuses to get them husbands, then no voting at all.

Now, what’s your thought on this? Should the president listen or nah. Lets from you.