Gabby Asare Okyere-Darko Writes!!


Gabby Asare Okyere-Darko Writes!!

Unfortunate but not strange that some people are propagating that the lifting of the lockdown is to allow NIA and EC to go on with registration. Ludicrous!

Do remember that the decision by the two bodies to suspend registration until further notice was taken before the lockdown, and for now, I cannot see any reason whatsoever why that decision to suspend should change.

The NPP won in 2016 with a register that we knew and was so certified as tainted. The EC set out to change it against resistance but Covid-19 has its own plans.

Ghanaians should be more worried about the high energy the NDC is investing in protests, etc., to protect the tainted voters register than the EC seeking to change the register for a better one.

The NPP does not believe it requires a new register to win in 2020. It believes a credible register enhances the integrity of the polls. But, it surely cannot be and should not be a do-or-die affair for any party.

Whatever the EC, in its wisdom and the time available before the December elections, decides to do about the register, I believe the NPP will be ok with that. In fact, the NPP and NDC and all should be comfortable with it. I cannot see the EC putting a register ahead of the health and safety of Ghanaians. I know Jean Mensah well from her time at IEA (and my time as a civil society activist) and she is one of the most committed, competent, sensible, objective and confident Ghanaian patriots I know.

It is unfortunate but not strange for some elements to suggest that the President will tie his electoral fate to a new register. Bizarre!

What is also unfortunate and, this time, strange, as well, is that there are some people who are praying for the situation with Covid-19 in Ghana to get worse so that they can make political capital out of it. Trust me!

Those people and their prayers are what we should worry about. If you need to see our morgues filling up to help your electoral fortunes then it won’t happen!


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