By Charles Opoku (Eastern Regional TESCON Coordinator)

The NDC through their gullible and treacherous National Communication Officer, Sammy Gyamfi has demanded that the government reduce fuel prices to reflect the decline of crude oil prices on the international market.

Well, taking this kind of lecture from the NDC is akin to taking morality lessons from a “prostitute” and I will go down memory lane to explain that.

Around December, 2014, crude oil price on the international market fell from over $100 per barrel to $60 per barrel. Instead of the Mahama led NDC Government reducing fuel price from ghc15 a gallon to at least ghc13 a gallon, they rather increased it to ghc17 with the excuse by government that it owed the Bulk Distribution Companies for forex losses and needed money to retard the debt.

It would be recalled that Fmr. Prez. Mahama through the 2015 budget imposed 17.5% Special tax on petroleum products under the guise of raising enough revenue to fund the budget. It must be stressed that this further increased fuel prices although world market prices declined further.

Today, these same people are out there, on top of their voices, stressing to create a false Impression in the minds of Ghanaians that Prez. Akufo-Addo is insensitive.

The facts, as exposed below, rather portray Prez. Akufo-Addo and the NPP as very sensitive, empathetic and candid as far as fuel issues are concern.

1. In 2017, the government abolished excise duty on petroleum.

2. In 2018, the 17.5% Special Petroleum Levy imposed on Ghanaians by Mahama was reduced to 13%

3. Tax component of the Price buildup was 40% under Mahama and the NDC. NPP has reduced it to 26%.

4. In the 3yr governance of the NPP, fuel prices have been reduced in a couple of pricing windows under the deregulation system and it didn’t take the NDC to issue a press statement for the government to do so.

5. The government is focused and wouldn’t be stampeded by the NDC to take any decision that might hurt the economy and adversely affect the ordinary Ghanaian.

6. Ghanaians should be rest assured that the NPP government is not weary of taking decisions potent of enhancing their living conditions and for that matter would act in their supreme interest at all times.


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