In the history of Ghana, there’s never been an independent nation like the Asante nation, hitherto known as Asanteman or the Asante Kingdom/Empire.

Historians account that, the Asante nation was a solidly founded sovereign state tantamount to a modern day state (eg. Ghana, Britain, China, Botswana, India, etc). The natural, human and physical resources found in this state were enough evidence of and for its independence.

Before the Dutch, Danes, Portuguese, British or any other colonial master could arrive in Ghana, the Asante Kingdom had already been fully and firmly established with a sovereign traditional government.

In the Asante Kingdom is a Monarch King who has the sovereign and independent powers and functions to administer his nation except for the respect he has for the systems, practices and laws of his country, that of Ghana. This Monarch King is called by his traditional title “Otumfuor” or “Asantehene” or “Opemsuor”.

The Otumfour is a supreme overlord of his kingdom. Like a modern day state, the Otumfour of Asanteman is both a President and Prime Minister of the Asante state, surrounded and worshipped by his appointed Paramount (divisional) Chiefs known as Omanhene, Sub-divisional chiefs called Odikro and Kyeame (Linguists) who are his Spokespersons in the true sense of it. He equally has other appointees working as Chief Executive Officers of traditional departments under his monarchy.

These Paramount (divisional) and sub-paramount (sub-divisional) Chiefs rule respective areas of jurisdiction, carefully demarcated by the Asantehene in accordance with history of the occupants and their relationship with the Golden Stool (a unique spiritual stool made of pure gold and globally respected to be the most outstanding evidence of a highly distinguished monarch).

A careful study of the hierarchical structure of the Asante Kingdom with regard to Chieftaincy is apt knowledge on the hierarchical structure of every other modern day democratically independent State. This fact is undisputed. Within the sovereign state of Ghana, the fact is equally undebatably undisputed that there is yet another sovereign state called the Asante state or Asante Kingdom or Asanteman.

The Royal people of this Asante state, even strangers, regard the monarch as a King in the true sense of the word. Premised on this truth is one of the reasons why the United Nations (UN) could call on this globally distinguished King to deliver a message on culture and global peace. His global acknowledgement is enough evidence of his majesty and authority.

In times like this when the Monarch of Asanteman, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II celebrates his Seventieth birthday, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) under whose mandate I serve as the Organizer of the ‘Sikadwa region’ join many and others to honour this great King.

At 70, his wisdom has been proven to be outstanding, unmatched and depicting of the true occupant of the Golden Stool, Sika Dwa.

On behalf of the NPP, myself and the Ashanti regional operation’s team of my party, we wish the Otumfuor a happy birthday, long life, more wisdom, prosperity of his kingdom and territorial increase. May the Sikadwa continue to shield him from the plots of evil and bring to him and his household bountiful blessings.

Long Live His Royal Majesty!
Long Live Sikadwa Nana!!
Long Live Otumfuor Osei Tutu II!!!

Nana Asantehene Nya Nkwa Daa_Piawwwww!!!

Kind Regards:
Francis Adomako (François)
Ashanti Regional Organizer, NPP.


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