Foreign videos can’t be played on TV until they’re classified – Classification Committee chair


Owners of foreign contents who refuse to get them classified in Ghana by the Film Classification Committee would not be aired, Socrate Safo has revealed.

According to Mr. Safo, who is the Chairman of the committee, representatives and agents of foreign content providers must work towards getting their works classified from July 1, 2020.

Safo made this known in an interview on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Wednesday with Halifax Ansah-Addo on Okay FM.

He said his fear of the negative influence of foreign content on Ghana’s culture will encourage him to dutifully discharge his duties as the chairman of the Film Classification Committee.

“Foreign contents will need to be classified. For example, Davido has to bring his content to be classified before showing in Ghana. If he doesn’t, well, per the law we don’t mind. Per the law, if the foreign content providers don’t bring their various contents for classification, it simply means we can’t allow the television stations to show” he said.

The Film Classification Committee is mandated by Act 935 to provide the legal framework for the production, regulation, nurturing and development of the Ghanaian film industry, and for the distribution, exhibition and marketing of films and for related matters.

The committee is a key mandate under the National Film Authority (N.F.A) and for Safo, the heavy task of satisfying the needs of all stakeholders including filmmakers, broadcasters, exhibitors, industry stakeholders and the general public who fall under the committee’s directive will attract criticisms when they fall short of expectations.


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