For how Long will NDC Sammy Gyamfi go about Slandering President Nana Akufo-Addo with Impunity?

For how Long will NDC Sammy Gyamfi go about Slandering President Nana Akufo-Addo with Impunity?

Sammy Gyamfi, a parrot-like NDC communicator, moving from one radio or TV station to another disseminating his political and partisan lies is understood to be a lawyer. Whether he is a qualified practising lawyer, or a law graduate without any work experience, is yet to be found out by me. However, I find him as an opportunist, a misfit in the law profession, and a young man desirous to acquire wealth and fame by associating himself with the NDC that is noted for her infamous “create, loot and share” of public funds. In the NDC, their activists are rewarded for how vociferously they can lambast and denigrate their political opponents. No wonder that Sammy Gyamfi has his name written in the good books of NDC and waiting to be handsomely rewarded in the foreseeable future.

If he were a lawyer of some standing, he would know the consequences of slandering when the slandered person decides to take him on. However, as laws are not enforced in Ghana, with the elites privileged to commit crimes and abuses of their positions with impunity, Sammy Gyamfi has the shameless audacity to not only insult the person of the president but also, level falsehoods against him. He does all this with intent to bring the president’s rule to an end to usher back in his NDC party to come back to loot the coffers of the nation.

I am not a fan of this yob called Sammy Gyamfi and shall never be. I wouldn’t mind if he were to challenge the president and NPP on ideas or if he told the truth about their shortcomings but to fabricate stories to simply tarnish their reputation is uncalled for. I have heard him always belittle the president, castigate him and rubbish the policies of NPP without tiring. To attack the person of the president with the aim of making him unpopular through his fabrications amounts to defamation of character which is a prosecutable offence. He thinks as rotten and cheap Ghana politics has become, he can say whatever he likes and get away with it.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back, prompting me to put out this publication is his recent senseless attacks and insults on His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo following the arrest and alleged assault on a Deputy Editor and journalist at online. While journalist Emmanuel Britwum claims they were not tortured, the Deputy Editor Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri claims the contrary. However, the medical report produced by Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri testifies that there is nothing on his body to prove that he had been tortured as opposed to his claims.

If indeed the journalists were not tortured going by the two evidences available to the public, has Sammy Gyamfi not proved himself a fool based on his preposterous, malicious and polarized attacks on the person of the president and NPP?

I wonder why in Ghana or Africa in general, people see the political arena as a place to make quick money hence every Tom, Dick and Harry, is doing whatever they can to get into politics. This explains why this notorious Sammy Gyamfi is maligning his political opponents in the hope of his dastardly action paving the way for him to be in the bosom of aspiring presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama and the NDC to have him rewarded with a ministerial position in case NDC by default comes to power in 2020. His malicious actions or tactics will galvanise those of us who have come to see the need to champion Ghana first above and over partisanship, to take him on come 2020. I had personally decided to quit campaigning for anybody or any political party come 2020 but for preventing evil to triumph, I shall re-examine my decision.

Ghana politics is indeed crazy. Corruption is too much in Ghana and for stomach politics, selfish people like Sammy Gyamfi, Salifu Maase, alias Mugabe, are back with their loud voices shouting deafeningly into our ears campaigning for the comeback of NDC.

Indeed, Ghana politics sucks! And, should it continue down the path it has assumed, the “Abongo Boys” will be compelled to dabble once again in Ghana politics to streamline things.

Rockson Adofo