First Response on Alleged Huge Financial Demands by Mr.Joy

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January 23, 2020

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First Response on Alleged Huge Financial Demands by Mr.Joy

In response to your release dated on 22nd January 2020, with the title “Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY) DZI WO FIE ASEM” which is being circulated on social media, is quite unfortunate and sad. As a communication person, I expect you to know the difference between encoding and decoding of information before dissemination. You do not respond or write on issues with emotions, but rather you write base on facts. Your release seems to suggest that, Mr. Yeboah made some financial demands from your party and disrespected your boss, Dr. Nduom. Let me state clearly, that Mr. Yeboah has never made any demand from any political party or individual. Even if that were true, it wouldn’t be PPP, and you of all people should know that. On 23rd November, 2019, a senior member of your party stated on PPP Whatsup Platform,
“The last time we tried to work with JOY he proposed HUGE FINANCIAL ND OTHER MATERIAL BENEFITS”. When Mr. Yeboah’s attention was drawn to this by his intelligence, he immediately responded with the response below to the said PPP Senior member.

“Good evening UNCLE . This is JOY. About 5 PPP members have asked me about a said discussion that you claimed that, I’ve demanded huge financial sum of money from PPP. But I do not even know if I ever had any discussion. Below is what I understand you said about me.
The last time we tried to work with JOY he proposed HUGE FINANCIAL SUM OF MONEY AND OTHER MATERIAL BENEFITS”.

This senior member called Jacob that evening and apologized for the false allegation. Mr. Yeboah however forgave him and moved on. Only for you to come back with this same allegation. Out of respect Mr.Yeboah instructed me to keep the name of this senior citizen from this release. But I believe you know too well who made those allegations. So why this release?

Second Response on “Nduom Should Step Aside And Immediately Recind His Decision “.

The event for which you attacked Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah for, occurred on Okay FM with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, in an interview with Mr. Joy where he suggested to the presenter that, due to the current financial crisis happening in the banking sector which includes Dr. Nduom’s Gold Coast Security, it will be prudent for him not to contest in the upcoming general elections, because some aggrieved customers might pelt stones against him. However in order to ensure his security and safety he will advise him to abstain from the said elections. The interview was conducted in twi. Through out the interview, there was nowhere Mr. Yeboah said emphatically the following;
1. That customers will pelt stones at Dr. Nduom. But rather he said “they might pelt stones at Dr. Nduom because of anger and frustration. Mr. JOY is security orientated and that informs his passions in most issues he pursues.
2. Again, at nowhere, did he say, Dr. Nduom should rescind his decision immediately. But rather he said he should rescind his decision for his own safety.

Please go for the full tape and you can verify Mr. Yeboah’s statement. We believe it was very unprofessional on the part of Ghana Web and unprofessional on your part to have written in the emotional manner you did.

However, if the plight of Dr. Nduom was masterminded by a group, that same group can re-engineer anything to reinforce their purpose.

Please Note, Mr. Yeboah has long friendship with your national chairman, some of your executives including Dr. Nduom himself and more.
Under no circumstances will Mr. Yeboah destroy his friendship for political gains. JOY lifts the political code of conduct in Ghana, for which a decade of his political life affirms this assertion. He will never trade this envious branding now for anything.

In conclusion, use your communication skills to promote unity in your party than division.

May God bless us all.

Signed By…

Enoch Egyir,

The Communication Director,
Joy 2012-20 Campaign Office.


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