First Atlantic Bank climaxes 25th Anniversary


First Atlantic Bank has climaxed its 25th Anniversary with a tape-cutting ceremony to formally commission its head office expansion.

The expansion includes offices for the Executive, Corporate Services, Operations for the Head Office, as well as a gym centre.

Speaking at the ceremony in Accra, the Board Chairman of the Bank, Mr Amarquaye Armar, said over the years as the needs of the customers and staff evolved, the Bank had strived to respond and throughout its 25-year journey it reviewed and renewed its business models to make accomplishments as a result-driven organisation.

Due to its rapid progress, Mr Armar said, the Bank had reached a stage in its growth phase where there was a need for it to include additional offices to enable it to continue with its excellent services and ensure that “each customer had a purple experience anytime they visit any of the offices and branches nationwide”.

Such service delivery, he affirmed, had helped the Bank differentiate itself from others.

It was also accelerating its vision of becoming a first-tier bank “within the Ghana space” in the next five years.

Recounting the operational revolution of the Bank over the past 25 years, Mr Armar said from its inception to 2011, it operated as a merchant bank with limited service.

In 2012, however, it proceeded to acquire its universal license and also met the Bank of Ghana minimum capital requirement.

“Since then it has actually grown rapidly and the changes have occurred in about three phases – the first phase was to stabilise and consolidate itself as a bank from 2014 to 2016,” he said.

In the phase two, he said, the Bank started an expansion programme from 2016 to 2019, which involved restructuring to meet the second minimum capital requirements of the BoG.

“Now we are in the expansion and digitisation phase and ultimately the plan is to go global from Ghana. Now we are repositioning ourselves for the digital banking challenge and we are also ready to move on the regional basis,” he said.

The Bank, during the one month-long Silver Jubilee Celebration, unveiled the anniversary logo to celebrate its life-long service excellence.

It also executed selected Corporate Social Responsibility projects by its 35 branches across the country.

Additionally , the Bank refurbished the fully fitted Mother and Child Maternity Block, which it built and handed over, in 2018, to the people of Talensi in the Upper East Region.

It also refurbished the six-classroom and two-office blocks built and handed over in 2019 to the Cape Coast Schools for the Deaf and Blind in the Central Region.


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