FIFA agent accuses Yussif Chibsah of cheating in Kwame Bonsu deal


Beninoir FIFA intermediary, Mr. Idowu Ismail Oluwabiyi has accused former Kotoko player and football agent Yussif Chibsa of cheating in the Kwame Bonsu deal to Esperance.

Oluwabiyi, who is the CEO of Soccer Stars Sport Limited, reveals that Chibsa got nothing in the deal because he lacked honesty and sincerity in his work.

Bonsu was transferred from Asante Kotoko to the Tunisian giants Esperance de Tunis in 2019 for a region of $150,000.

But the CAF champions League champions have refused to settle the transfer fee to Asante Kotoko citing a debt owed them by the Ghanaian club.

Idowu, claims he and his Tunisian partner Salim started the deal with Esperance but Chipsah jumped in later in an attempt to outsmart them.

“Because he never told me nor Salim [my partner in Tunisia],” he said.

“I was surprised when I heard from the video he had an agreement with Kotoko of 20 percent of the deal, which he never told me nor explained anything to Salim.

“I was surprised at his behavior,” he said.

“I don’t know about their relationship [Chibsah and Kotoko] but in life, you have to be sincere with anything you are doing.

“Now he is playing smart, did he get anything from the deal?” He quizzed.

He believes the deal could have been more beneficial if Chibsa had been honest.

“Honesty and sincerity are what matters the most in life [ transaction]. Don’t outsmart anybody in any deal,” he said.

“Yussif got nothing in deal because he tried to outsmart us but everything failed.

“Yes, he tried to outsmart both my partner and me.”

“Yes, he should have been in constant communication with us because we were the ones who started the deal.”


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