Felix Marfo writes from Agogo In the Asante Akyem North Constituency

Felix Marfo writes from Agogo In the Asante Akyem North Constituency


The NPP parliamentary primaries contest in Asante Akyem North Constituency which is slated for April 25th, 2020 is between sankɔfa and 4 more to do more. Let the delegates analyse each one’s track record and vote accordingly; whether Asante Akyem North should indeed opt for sankɔfa or give another term to the incumbent.

Sankɔfa was NPP MP who unfortunately had NDC as a ruling government (MP in opposition). He never had the opportunity of getting support from the then government or the then district assembly, hence, relied solely on the scanty statutory funding allocated to him and his lobbying skills. Notwithstanding, he was able to build a CHPS compound and roofed it at Wioso. He bought an ambulance for the District Health Center at Juansa. He also commenced teachers’ bungalow up to flow level at Dome. He constructed a urinal for the workers of Agogo magistrate court and the District Education Office. In 2013, he gave scholarships to many students of which one was a medical students. He bought motorcycles for the education office to augment their monitoring activities. He bought sets of computers to institutions in the district. He supported the organization of farmers’ day and other public functions. Fast forward, as member of the ruling party, he has assisted many of the youths in Asante Akyem North to establish themselves in life through sports, he is still assisting students to gain access to study abroad. He has also help secured scholarships for students both locally and abroad. He is being committed to be relevant in the development of AAN.

Sankofa again committed his 2013 and 2014 Special Initiative Fund to the roofing and some works on the District Police Headquarters and Station, which was started by the late Baah Wiredu and Agogomanmakuo, solely. Then the assembly completed the project and commissioned it through its share of 2013 District Development Fund (DDF).

More so, during the last quarter of 2016 and his last days in office as MP, he lobbied for the construction of 6-Units Classroom block at Agogo Presbyterian College of Education, 3-Unit classroom block at Agogo Roman Catholic Basic School and a 16 seater toilet facility at Agogo Newtown. Hmmmm the current MP with his influence and authoritarian rule did not allow the District Chief Executive to sign the contract document for the award of the classroom contracts.

Now to 4 more, mpaninfoɔ se amfɔ na ɛkyerɛ ne ntoasoɔ. A fortunate MP whose government is in power and as a deputy minister in the ruling government, MP who is fortunate to have the district and all government projects and policies at his backing. MP of which the government has instituted a programme to his favour (1 district $1m). MP who has all the above privileges in addition to his statutory funds is supposed or expected to perform better than the former. It is very intriguing to note that the Wioso CHPS compound is yet to be completed even though ₵45000 and other sums of money has been raised to complete it.

No attempt has been made to continue the teachers’ bungalow started by the sankɔfa administration. All that the good people of AAN can attest to is the implementation of government flagship programs (rural electrification programme, road construction, planting for food and jobs, decentralized scholarship etc) and district assembly initiated projects. What has happened to the statutory funds allocated to the MP? According to an interview with the PA of 4more, his Special Initiative Fund was used to organize football gala. Wow!!!

by comparing the above performances, I will urge all delegates to opt for sankɔfa