For many whose ill-luck prevented them from being the beneficiaries of the latest love potion in town, kind courtesy, Mama Gee of love potion fame, Ama Ata Aidoo’s classic literary work, ‘No Sweetness Here’ can be recommended to them.

I just learnt that the young woman was in the business of selling to those who had been captivated by the charming nature of her product a pleasantly sweet olfactory property that has the capabilities to leave men beguiled after making love to the users.

It is believed that men who came into contact with ladies who patronize these products get hypnotized, a phenomenon that can coax the man to hand over his properties to the lady in question.

In collaboration of the police, the news is that the Food and Drugs Authority has caused for the arrest of Mama Gee. I am sure the FDA has the law at its side, but I have one challenge.

Why have they kept long in going after the Mama Gees in town? Many people sell aphrodisiacal products which are unregulated and without authorization from the FDA and its affiliated agents. The FDA must look at those people as well.

There is a bigger market which the FDA can practice its punishing rod on; the church. Let me specify which branch of the church is guilty of this act; the one-man churches and their prophets.

Unless we are so keen on exhibiting the hypocritical tendencies within our make-ups, we all see and know of porridges we are told have the Holy Spirit residing in it and preforming miracles.

some sell bread, oil and other food items which these prophets say contain God’s power and have the potential to liberate users from their woes and worries. Why are they not being touched?

Let us use Mama Gee’s case as the springboard upon which the others who fall within the category can also be called to order. I urge the Food and Drugs Authority to tentacle their eyes on the so-called men of God and self-styled prophets who are milking the poor and vulnerable people in this country dry.

Our over-reliance on religious leaders can sometimes snow us into believing that they hold special powers from God, and, oftentimes, fall victims to these sweet melodies from the pastors and prophets, the FDA can help in reducing these occurrences. They should go beyond Mama Gee!

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.