Fadi Dabbousi writes: Get Well Soon John Mahama: Covid-19 is Not a Joke


Fadi Dabbousi writes: Get Well Soon John Mahama: Covid-19 is Not a Joke

By Fadi Dabbousi

Disease is not a condition that must take precedence in political acts of attrition and gloating especially that it does not discriminate between races and tribes or incompetent NDC and competent NPP persons. It endures space inflicting damage on anything it chances along. It is a striker, almost always defeated like Liverpool, but when it takes over, it is as lethal as Manchester United. You get the drift!

Why won’t John Mahama opt for a covid-19 test openly to allay the fears of the NDC cowards? Does he want to run as a flagbearer of the most sleazy opposition party in Ghana with suspicious health problems such as lung fatigue and irregular heartbeats? Why and who in his camp is leaking such information to the general public? He is lucky that NPP folks do not gloat at such cases unlike the NDC and their Africa Watch Magazine because the NPP is a party of human beings and reason!

In any case, John Mahama talks as if he knows the genesis and attributes of the Corona Virus, but his ignorance just puts his people at risk. Even greater a dilemma is the suspicion that he is campaigning and interacting with people, spreading a failed message and the virus! All potential NDC running mates have refused to partner him allegedly due to his “y3nte obiaa” attitude of not heeding to calls to have his covid-19 status known. That is the same hardheadedness and “asuoden” stance that caused him to goof as Vice-President and President. This was the reason why Ghana derailed and became the disaster it was before His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo ascended to the high position of President. Luckily, this competent President has returned our country back onto the international stage and made her great again!

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo as at June 6, 2020, had tested negative, and is Covid-19 free! In spite of that, he is still working out of his home in compliance with his own directives. John Mahama would have broken every rule in the book and infected every “JDM heavy-do lady” driving an i-10 Hyundai vehicle, which he allegedly bought for them using moneys wrongfully earned from the Airbus scandal and the numerous others he was plagued with as a bribe-taking President, notwithstanding the flight of two million guinea fowls (akonfems) to Burkina Faso!

I wish to make an earnest appeal to all who come into contact with John Mahama to go for a Covid-19 test and isolate because word making the rounds is that he is infected with the virus. It will be criminal if he does have the virus, but refuses to get treatment. Then again, what crime in Ghana has he not allegedly committed as Vice-President and president at all? Is he not battling for his shattered reputation at the Police CID over the alleged murder of President Atta-Mills? Is he not struggling to clear the tag of corruption, which is holding on to him like kaikai, or, even worse, octopus pseudo limbs?

And the acceptance of Professor Naana Opoku-Agyemang to be his running mate, the most incompetent education Minister in Ghana’s 4th Republic, makes matters murkier for John Mahama and the NDC. Having been in close contact with him, this unfortunate Professor must go for a covid-19 test too, because accepting to partner John Mahama is really a death sentence! We do not wish ill for anyone, and certainly not for John, unlike the NDC fools who rant and rave at the slightest indication that someone is ill. But how can you wish sickness on people while you pray to GOD to keep you healthy?

Unfortunately we will not pay John Mahama with the same coin, except to admonish him to take a covid-19 test in public, and he must do so every fortnight so that those vulnerable people will not get infected as he drives smoothly on the Akufo-Addo highways that have made the inaccessible very easy to get to. And while he is at it campaigning, he should tell the vulnerable that he will infect that he is sorry for 8 years of neglect under his NDC administrations; he should say sorry to them for 8 years of a dysfunctional National Health Insurance Scheme, which caused the unnecessary death of their family members; he should say sorry for 8 years of dumsor; he should say sorry for the massive amounts of money he allegedly stole from the coffers by way of overpricing the few projects to his credit; he should say sorry for the lack of chalk in the classrooms due to the incompetence of his newly-chosen running mate, Professor Naana Opoku-Agyemang, then education minister; he should say sorry for the deceptive artistic images of non-existent achievements that were a mere figment of his imagination in the Green book; he should say sorry to them for the death of those precious Ghanaian souls lost during the “Circle disaster” due to the incompetence and negligence of his Mayor, Okoe Vanderpuye; he should say sorry to them for giving female students one sanitary pad each as a campaign gimmick; he should say sorry to them for the tasteless mass of unhealthy food that was being fed to innocent children that made education unattractive; he should say sorry to them for campaigning against the Free SHS, which President Nana Akufo-Addo planned and implemented, bringing much needed financial relief to hundreds of thousands of parents!

He should just say SORRY, and recoil into the shadows to lick his suppurating wounds. But before all that, he should submit to a Covid-19 test to clear the air!


By Fadi Dabbousi


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